70 years later.

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Today Jasmine and I did something we didn’t expect to do. We went to the 70th anniversary celebrations of freeing Holland and Poland from Nazi occupation. I didn’t have that penciled in at all for today…

I’m the type of guy that will go on an adventure if I can find the time and have the means.

Jasmine and I were driving through downtown on our way home from my favorite princess store. We had dropped Heidi off at the school earlier and went to get spray white lithium grease. When we drove past Victoria Park I noticed about 150 or more people in orange shirts and a lot of bikes in the park and pointed them out to Jasmine.20150530_111336(0) 20150530_111215 She asked me what they were doing and I told her I had no idea but I knew it must involve bikes… She asked if we could go see. So we did. Saw a few little friends along the way too.

We got there for the opening parade of veterans with a pipe band and the speeches.20150530_111733(0)20150530_111521 20150530_111533 We stood quietly and watched all the speeches and awards and wreaths that were distributed. It was touching to be a spectator. Even for the dancing… 20150530_115824Those Polish dancing-girls really like to twirl.

The crowd was mostly people of Dutch and Polish heritage. I really felt proud to be Canadian through the whole ceremony. While watching the commemoration someone gave Jasmine a bouquet of tulips and someone else gave her a small Canada flag. 20150530_113314That was so nice.

We stayed for just over an hour and were invited back to the Dutch hall for a free hotdog BBQ… We had to turn it down in order to get back home.

When we got home I met with someone who bought our bike trailer. Turns out that they live 3 blocks away… They got a great deal and I got a little more space! I know that their kids are going to love being towed around in that thing. (I would have loved it!)

After the trailer left  for it’s new home I went over to the shop for a few minutes and then grocery shopping. I wanted to BBQ/ smoke a chunk of salmon today so I got some from the local grocery store. I really like United Groceries. They are an Asian store and have great stuff. You can’t find fresher fish anywhere in London. You can’t beat the prices for fruit and vegetables either. This week Siracha Sauce is on sale too.

After supper I found Jasmines other bike. I was using it to pile bags of sails on in the garage attic. I will get it down tomorrow sometime. It needs to be gone over and tuned. I picked it up and then the neighbors gave us one that was just a little smaller. She chose to start to learn on the smaller one. (I think Heidi chose for her…)

We went out after supper to get Jasmine water shoes. She will need them while using her kayak. She has to learn to get in it without anyone holding it. She also has to learn how to fall out of it. The bottom of the lake ware we sail is gravel and we have Zebra Mussels. They will tear up bear feet so water shoes are the answer. While out I found a pamphlet at the store for pet insurance… I’m shaking my head… 20150530_201805 20150530_201818

I plan to go look at a tool box tomorrow morning with my friend Chris. If I decide it’s a good fit it looks like I will need a tarp to get it home in the utility trailer. More rain again tomorrow.

That is good as I have a bunch of online stuff to do for the charter.


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