Today I put Mr. Toad’s trailer in the shed at the shop.

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Today I put Mr. Toad’s trailer in the shed at the shop.

I am amazed at how well it pulls with new bearing grease and pumped up tires. (40 psi instead of 60 psi.) When I brought it home I just guessed at the amount of air in them. They seemed hard enough…

I installed a 2×6 onto the upright on the drivers side rear with a couple deck screws. It was 18” long. Just long enough that I could see it in the mirror. I watched as I drove and the trailer didn’t bounce too much on the way over. The 2×6 was also handy for backing up. At least I could see what it was doing in relation to the car. With out it you could only see the trailer in the side mirrors. And by the time a 4’ trailer is in view of the side mirror it is just about sideways…

I took the tongue off and stored the trailer standing up on the front edge. The back has the lights so it was out. It was heavier than I expected. I know it is supposed to weigh 130 lb but with the aluminum plate for decking it was heavy. I could lift it myself but I wasn’t in work clothes. I was in clean street clothes and didn’t want to let the paint touch anything I was wearing. Good thing too. My hands got covered in slightly wet paint. It came off with varsol.

After dropping the trailer off I picked up Jasmine from school. Heidi was sick today so she didn’t go to school.

The girls went out to a potluck for dinner while I stayed home. I am too busy with boats to go.

While they were out I got a few things out of the garage. One was a wagon for behind the bikes. We used to use it to haul Jasmine around in when she was small. Now she is too big so It has to go.20150529_201155 20150529_201222 I took pictures and put it on Kijiji tonight. Some other family can love it.

I didn’t find Jasmines other bike… It’s stored in the attic of the garage with a bunch of other stuff. I really didn.t look for it. I just got the trailer down from up their. It came down a lot easier than it went up! Both times I didn’t have help…

Tomorrow I will get her other bike down and pump up the tires so she can ride a bike more her size. I told her that she could ride her bike to school next week if she practices all weekend. She is excited!


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