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I couldn’t get to the trailer today. It rained and I didn’t want to try and solder in the rain. I probably could have done it with the torch but that would have been overkill.

I didn’t even get to race the sailboat… Rain again.

It would have been fun. It was a reef type day for sure. Lots of gusts out of nowhere. Lots of wind makes racing the Siren 17 much more fun. It actually gets up and moves if it’s windy. If it’s relatively calm… It sails like a brick.

I can’t forget that we now have racing on Sunday afternoons now. I’ll try this Sunday again.

Tomorrow is daddy daughter dinner. I may surprise her with a hotdog cookout at the yacht club. Weaners cooked over the fire. Mmm! I won’t use the old stairs for fuel. Their is lots of fresh cut wood at the club since the falling of all the dead standing trees.

The Emerald Ash Borer has done it’s best to the ash trees. They are all dead. This past winter the conservation area went through and fell all of the dead trees. (They did miss a few but I’m sure they will get them this winter.) All those trees are cut into 3’ sections. That’s a handy size for carrying burning on the bond fire. Half that size would be perfect.

I hope to get out and sail tomorrow and still get to the trailer lights.

I did check the tires today.20150526_190422 They are fine. Just like new. Kind of anyway.

Picture is form yesterday. I still need to paint the fenders again.


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