It’s back together.

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I picked up tubes today for Mr. Toad’s trailer. It seems I was going about looking for them the wrong way. Instead of going all over town looking for a 4.80/4/8 tube for a trailer tire and going to the usual places I should have just gone down the street to the Home Hardware… That’s where I found them finally. That was after calling around to different stores.

I changed things up a bit this time. I asked for a tube for a wheel barrow tire. 4.80/8.

It has me wondering if they would have them if I went to the gardening section of the store’s that I went to before…. I can’t be bothered.

I found out that Laser supply has them.20150526_165757 Laser has it’s head office here in London. So if need be I could stop in there and get them. That was the plan if any of the Home Hardware’s didn’t have any in stock.

I mentioned that they are for a wheelbarrow… They are the same tubes as for the 1200lb, 8” highway tire. 20150526_165929I cross referenced the product #’s…

When I got home I put the tubes in the tires. I forgot about soapy water… I fought to get them in and ended up using the box end of a 15mm wrench to push it in. It worked but took about 10 min per tire. I didn’t damage the paint as much as I thought I would putting them in. I did pull a bit off when I pulled out the old valve stems.20150526_184128

I filled the tires to 60 lb like it says on the tire and realized that they shouldn’t have so much in them. They are not in the best shape and the cracks really showed at 60lb. So I let down to 40 lb. Still enough for my purposes. I’m not hitting the highway anyway. The cracks don’t look so prominent at 40 lb.

After I pumped them up I touched up the paint and put them on the trailer. Then I put the fenders on. I still need to give the outside of the fenders one last coat of paint and it’s done.

Except for the one light I need to wire back in. I’ll do that just before I paint tomorrow.

It’s looking great! 20150526_190441 20150526_190452

I lift the trailer up on it’s side. (Kind of) It sits on the tongue, tire and the corner of the deck that gets it up high enough to work on it. I would have done that tonight but it rained.

Those little 8” tires mean that it is one low trailer!

I remember last year thinking that I should have the same size tire on all my trailers. I have two that way now. I could make a third just by getting new tires and changing them from 13” to 15”. But the Siren 17 has 12” and my utility trailer has some crazy old front end off a truck as the axle with 6 bolt rims and now Mr. Toads trailer has 8”. That’s 3 axles I would have to change to have the same tires on all.

I think I will put up with the odd tire sizes for now. But I know my next utility trailer will have 15” for sure.


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