Clinic day. Lets get the clown!

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It was clinic day for Jasmine today. So I picked her up from school after lunch and took her to PMDU Oncology Dept. at Victoria hospital. We are lucky we are so close to her hospital. I met a family from Sarnia today that is staying in the Ronald McDonald House while their daughter is in treatment. I didn’t ask what type of cancer she had. Sometimes I do sometimes I don’t. Depends on how the kid looks. She had trouble talking so I thought it best not to ask.

I like going to clinic with Jasmine. I see it as a chance to learn more about her cancer and to help her learn about her cancer. Learn about life too. I think it keeps me grounded in a way. Reminds me of what is important in life. Living it! 20150525_135645

When we got to clinic we had to check in with the nurse at the catch all PMDU desk. While doing that I heard Ollie in the Oncology area. I told Jasmine to run and give him a big hug. She felt shy so I told her to check herself in while I ran and gave him a big hug. She thought that was too silly so I didn’t. I did jump into the doorway and point and loudly say “Their he is! Get him!” Jasmine laughed.

She gets along with Ollie very well. All the kids do.  I really like him myself.

(Video of Ollie:)

I freak him out. I just give him things to look up on YouTube when he gets home… He writes them down and looks at me strange the next time were in for clinic. (He writes the things down because you can’t search that stuff on the computers in the hospital… I hope you can’t anyway…)

Today it was touching when a young lady came over to Ollie while a bunch of us were chatting and gave him a big jug of maple syrup as a thank you for being there and doing what he does. He accepted it gracefully and thanked her. Then their was this pause in the conversation. (like an uncomfortable pause…) So I said… Loudly…

“Lets rub it on him!” I told the guy beside me to use his phone to take a video of it so we could put it on YouTube. Everyone erupted in laughter! Even Ollie.

We didn’t get to put maple syrup on him but I gave the kids a good idea for another time.

Thinks kind of went like that afterward until we got to see the doctor an hour and a half later. Their was balloon glove making and a lot of laughing. Lots of drawing too. See the syrup on the desk to Ollie’s right…20150525_143310 20150525_143316I had no idea that he keeps so many Sharpie markers in his jacket pocket. He must have had 20 different colours. I didn’t even know there were so many colours. He made Jasmien an ostrich balloon because she asked him how to say ostrich in German. (He’s not German…) I have no Idea why she wanted to ask him that. Not sure she does either…

Turns out he didn’t know what ostrich was in German. No one did. We had to go off to see the doctor then. While we were in our room Ollie came in with another balloon with Ostrich in German on it.20150525_143324 20150525_144035

After clinic we went for ice cream and then home to see mom.20150525_160425

Jasmine didn’t even whimper when she had to give blood today. I think that has something to do with dad being there instead of mom. Heidi tells of large bouts of tears when she gives blood. That hasn’t happened for years with me being with her.

That may be from me showing her the size of the needle that I get stuck in my arm to give blood. I remind her of that each time I give blood. I got her to hold my hand when they poke me like I do for her.

I decided to paint the rims for the Mr. Toad trailer tonight. I had a can of white paint in the basement that was just going to sit there if I didn’t use it. They turned out nice. I have two coats on them now. 20150525_194619I have clamps keeping the tire from touching the inside of the rim. Before I got  it, it sat for years with flat tires in someone’s back yard. So there was mud and a little rust inside. I cleaned that out and painted the inner bead area.  I may need to do a few touch ups when I put the tubes in. Oh well. So much for waiting to paint them.

I think I found tubes for the tires at Home Hardware. I see them online and just need to check the local store inventory.


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