Elusive trailer parts.

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I took the hub off Mr. Toad’s trailer today. It was a little grindy when you spun the wheel. That usually means that you need bearings. Guess what I found… It needs bearings…

I’m not going to put any in right now. I will in the fall when I get to building the box that goes on it. I took the bearings that were in it out and cleaned them. I also looked around at a # of stores this afternoon to find bearings. No luck! (That’s why I’m going to wait for fall. I should be able to source them by then.) So until then I will just use the old bearings with new grease.

I’m not taking it far anyway. Just planning to take it to the shop and put it away until I build the box.

I think I may have found a box supplier. There is a place in London that gets big stuff shipped in in plywood crates. They sell the empty crates for $20 each! So I will take a look there when they get more in. If I can get one pre made I’ll be a happy guy.

Just after lunch we went out to the lake for a sail. All of us! Heidi is feeling a little better. She had a great time.20150524_131830 20150524_131841 So did Jasmine. I let her sail for a bit. Up wind this time too! She has more to learn. I kept hold of the main sheet all the time she was steering. Good thing too as it was kind of gusty today.

The open house looked well attended today. We didn’t give any rides though. We were there to relax.

After our relaxing hour and a half sail we had to get Jasmine to a friends place for a play date. After dropping her off I took Heidi to the hospital to visit our neighbour Majella. She had surgery last week. Once free of all the family I went out inner tube shopping. I looked for bearings as well. No luck on either! The 4.80x 8” seems to be really popular right now. (It’s the same size a wheel barrow tire takes…) I could have got 2 ply wheel barrow tires for $4.99 each. But they were a little too flimsy.

I noticed that Princess Auto has them in stock online. I amy see if I can order them to the local store so I can pick them up their. If not I may just order them anyway. $9 shipping.

Earlier in the day I took the fenders off the trailer so I could paint the frame and springs that they hid. I gave the fenders a quick scrape to get the rust off the inside and a quick coat of Tremclad. 20150524_115353 20150524_195917When I was doing this Heidi saw me with the paint. She asked me if it was rust paint… After I said yes she asked me to paint the inside of the lid of the kitchen garbage can… So I did that tonight when we got home.

After the garbage can lid I put together the one hub and bearings that I had just cleaned and painted earlier. It  looks good! So I removed the other side and started cleaning too. It was a mess as well. Bearings needed at some point soon. I have the bearings all cleaned and ready for grease.20150524_205338 20150524_205332 The hub and dust cap is painted and drying along with the wheel nuts.

I took one side of the flat tire off the rim. Not really off.I just pushed it down so I can insert a tube and  clean the rim. While cleaning the rim I decided that they need paint too. So I really cleaned both rims in preparation for paint. I’m going to wait until I get the tubes before I paint. Less mess that way and less chance of messing up the paint job.

When we were out today going to get Jasmien (After Heidi and I had a little rest at London Ice Cream!)20150524_173904 the car made a odd jerking while I tried to accelerate. No lights came on the dash so I kept driving gingerly. It did it about 15 more times before we picked Jasmine up. After we left the car stalled on the road… The check engine light came on too!

I usually carry the code reader in the car I drive just in case of such things. So I checked the code on the side of the road and had to google with my phone what the code was. It was the crankshaft positions sensor! The thing I changed last Nov! So I got under the hood and started checking wires.I found the wire almost unplugged! I plugged it back in and the car started fine! So we drove the rest of the way home. No jerking motions this time. I’ll have to wrap a zip tie around the plug so it doesn’t do it again.


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