Boat wash/ Car wash.

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I take pictures of something just about every day and I upload them to my laptop every day too. Today I have been having trouble with my cable that I hook the phone to the laptop with. It’s been 6 tries now to get the photos uploaded… It’s done now but what a pain. I may need a new cable.

I took the girls out to Piero’s for pizza for supper. We brought it home with us and ate here. After that I hit the new trailer with a wire wheel and my cordless drill. I wanted to get all the flaking paint and surface rust off. I did that in about 20 min. I also gave the wheel nuts a shot of penetrating oil so I can get them off. I have one flat tire today. The other is fine.

I will probably just put a tube in it and run with that for a while. I can’t find a deal on 8” tires. My favorite princess store has them for $99 each. That’s $49 more than I paid for the trailer! So I’m going to wait a bit and see if they come on sale. I don’t need them right away.

This afternoon I stopped in at my favorite princess store and picked up a few things. I got 2 sets of crows foot wrenches and a couple magnetic parts bowls. Crows foot wrenches are super handy for getting at bolts that are kind of hidden. I don’t know how I have done without them for so long… (Oh yea. A regular wrench and skinned knuckles…) I have a bunch of parts bowls now but never enough when I want one. So 2 more can’t hurt.

I also stopped at TSC and picked up a gallon of black paint. Tremclad gloss black. The classic trailer colour! I am going to put a quick coat of paint on the new trailer and one on the Siren trailer while the boat is in the lake.20150522_201343 20150522_201357 20150522_201403 I will also do the MacGregor trailers as I get the boats ready. They can all use a quick coat.

On the Mac trailers I am going to replace the boards and the carpet as well when I have the boat off to test sail. It’s a quick job to replace all 4 bunks. I will have them made and ready to install before I test the boats.

After removing rust on the new trailer I got the car wash stuff together and went to the yacht club. I wanted to give the Siren a wash before tomorrow. Tomorrow I am volunteering to give boat rides to people that come to the club open house. I was elected to be part of this.

The open house is to get people interested in sailing and either take a sailing course or join the club. A bunch of people come just for a sailboat ride too. Those are the ones I will scare so they don’t come back next year. (Kidding.) They just won’t get as long of a ride.

I think I was chosen to give rides because of our Siren. It’s a starter boat… Most of the people that buy one get a larger boat a couple years after they get a Siren. A Siren looks manageable to someone starting out too. (Right now there are 28 for sale in Ontario on Kijiji. Price ranges from $900 to $3200.) Link: Some good deals out their.

So I did get the boat washed on the outside. It needed it too… Some BIG bird has been pooping on the cabin top. I mean a BIG bird too! There were also muddy foot prints from our masked critters all over the top as well. The inside doesn’t need it so I left it alone. I did decide to wash the car while I was at the club.20150522_195147 20150522_195255 20150522_195205 I do that sometimes… It’s nice and shady under the trees and I can get a really good job done quickly. I’ve power buffed out their before too. Same deal. Nice and shady and no waxing problems. (It’s really hard if not impossible to wax in the sun.)

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and sailing all day. Even if I will have to keep giving directions on what sheet to pull. And what a sheet is…


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