Dentist Trailer.

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It was fun at the dentist today for Jasmine and I. We went for cleanings and checkups. We are both fine. Even me with a broken tooth! It doesn’t hurt so no sense fixing it until it hurts. Jasmines teeth are coming in nicely. She is keeping them clean too.

The dentist gave Jasmine a new toothbrush and a chance to pick what ever she wanted out of the toy basket. She picked…. (Wait for it…) an egg timer. Yes the old school type of egg timer with sand inside. I told her it was a tooth brushing timer… And that she was to flip it over and brush until it quit flowing. I figure that will add 2.5 min to her brushing regime.

I didn’t get a new toothbrush or egg timer. I turned the toothbrush down. I use an Oral B spin type and would only put it in the garage. I didn’t want a toothbrush to go to waste on myself. They gave me a little box of floss as a consolation prize.

After the dentist we went to Lucan to get the new trailer for Mr. Toad. It was about a 30 min drive from the dentists. Quicker than I originally thought. traffic was light going through the city.

We met Tim the seller. He used to use the trailer to move his sailboat cradle around. He used to have a Grampion 28 but sold it years ago. The trailer was just taking up space in his backyard.

It still had some air in the tires from the other day when he pumped them up. (Good thing because I don’t have a spare 8” tire and rim.) They had lost a little so we filled them again. The two of us carried the trailer out of the back yard on it’s side so we could get it through the man size gate. I think it weighs about 100lb. When we got it to the road I changed the ball on the car to the 1 ⅞” I needed to use. I broke one of the tail lights when we were carrying it out of the back yard. Oops. We hooked the trailer up and attached the chains so we were legal. I also got the lights working by attaching the ground and make the Chinese flat 4 plug fit the universal flat plug that is on the car now. The Chinese one is a bit smaller…? I cut off the outer sheathing so I could bend the pins to get them into the car’s trailer wire socket. That worked but it is gong to need a new set of wires. I probably will remover the side marker lights that don’t work too.20150521_194441

I fixed the light tonight after we got home and had supper. I put a piece of plastic inside and used some super glue all stuff I have to seal it up. It’s kind of like silicone but more of a glue stuff. It gets hard like construction adhesive but is clear. I also drilled new holes for the bolts. The light should outlive the other one now!20150521_203656 I have yet to hook the wires I had to cut to fit it back on. Maybe tomorrow after school.

The trailer will work perfectly for our purposes. The bed is 48” long and 40” wide. Over all it is 9’6” long. When I get the box made it will be 11’6”. I’m not sure about the width yet. I put a 8′ 2×4 on the trailer to see how it will fit. Looks good with 2′ overhanging the front and back of the bed!20150521_210303

I have to measure the widest part of the canoe and see what it is. I’m pretty sure it’s not more than 40” but I had best measure it to be sure.

Towing the trailer home tonight was a breeze. It is hardly noticeable back there. It is so narrow and low that you can’t see it in the mirrors.20150521_194420 That will change with the box I’m going to build attached to it. At least I’ll be able to see it in the rear view mirror.

It will need tires as the ones in it now are weather checked. 4.80/4/8” 20150521_194448I don’t trust them to go very far. So I will pick up a set when my favorite princess store has them on sale.

I plan to put the trailer in one of my sheds at the shop to get it out of the way for now. I will build the box some time before fall and get it out to install it then. The trailer is a kit type. I think it was originally sold through Canadian Tire. It being a kit makes it easy to unbolt and store. I’m  not sure but it may even fold at the tongue. I’ll check tomorrow when I re-wire the light. 20150521_203650

Last night I fought with the 7.5 Johnson outboard motor for about 20 min. I can’t get it to stay running. I think I need a carb kit for it. (I can’t recall if I put on one or not. By the look of the float (it’s cork.) I didn’t. I may just have done the needle and seat.

I should note that Tim, the guy that sold me the trailer, also owns a LED light store. He specialises in boats too! I know where I will go now for my bulbs!


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