A big unproductive day was had today… I did shine my boots though. They needed it!

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My plan was to test a motor and do some wiring on two boats. The boot shining just happened because I found the mink oil when I was looking for a hat in the front closet.sat may 16 015 sat may 16 017

It started like usual. Sleep in for about an hour and get up and go. I made breakfast for Jasmine, Heidi had already eaten. Then I got a bunch of stuff together for using one of the outboard motors. I wanted to test them on the water before I sent them north. So I got the new hose plug ends out and cut off the old ones from the hose. That’s when I noticed I had the wrong size plug ends…sat may 16 022 sat may 16 023 sat may 16 024 So off to get new hose. While I was out I took Jasmine and we went shopping for a gift for Heidi’s birthday. Sunday! We got her a strawberry flower pot. It has a bunch of holes around the outside of the pot for other plants. We found a orange one… We also got new fuel line hose.

Once back home I put the ends on the hose and loaded the outboard and fuel tank into the car. We had to be at the yacht club for 2:30 for a skippers meeting for the Commodores sail past. We got their at 2:20. Only one other car was their. I went into the clubhouse and asked where everyone was. It turned out that we were a day early… It’s tomorrow! So We went down to the boat and I attempted to install the outboard.

I say attempted because that best describes it. It fit on and tightened down nicely. I plugged the hose onto the motor fine. Then I plugged in the tank end. Psssst! Fuel all over the cockpit and me. There were some choice words.

I let the pressure out of the tank and tried again. It worked fine. So I started priming the bulb and it sucked the fuel out of the tank and put it to the motor. That’s where it seems to have stopped… So I gave the bulb another squeeze and fuel blasted out of one end of the primer bulb. Of course it got all over me and the cockpit again! More choice words…

I pulled and pulled and I couldn’t get the motor to go. It’s not getting fuel…

I rebuilt the carb on this motor last year and only tank tested it. Then it worked great! But now It’s not letting fuel into the motor…

(I think I will tear it apart tonight and see what is wrong.) I’m guessing a stuck needle in the bowl.

After I gave up on the motor I took it off and put it back in the car along with the hose and the tank. I was so disappointed I decided that we should just go for a sail and relax a bit. So We went out in the light wind and had a nice slow sail without the motor. (I did have the 2 hp in the cabin just incase.) We didn’t need it. The wind cooperated and we were able to sail off the dock and back to it. We had a really nice and relaxing time.sat may 16 031 sat may 16 035 There was one other boat out on the lake. Mike in his PD Racer. sat may 16 028

By the time we got home and I got showered it was supper time. (Hands still smell slightly of fuel even after the automotive hand cleaner…) I wanted to take Heidi out for Sushi so we went to an all you can eat place near us called Kanata Sushi House. The service and food was good. Jasmine even tried things she has never tried before. Lots of things. Probably because we didn’t tell her what things were. She even has learnt to use chopsticks!sat may 16 037 sat may 16 039 sat may 16 042 sat may 16 044 We did get a good value for the cost. I mean we were all really hungry!

When we got home we hung out with the neighbors and got Jasmien into the bath. Since then I have been fighting with my laptop… It is so slow that it is driving me crazy! Firefox did an update yesterday that has slowed it down so much that it is slower than dial up… Remember dial up? I am using Explorer fight now. I don’t like it. But it seems to work. I’ll try to revert to an older version of Firefox later tonight.

Now I’m going to go to the garage and take apart an outboard motor.


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