Mothers day.

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It was all about mom today. Heidi that is.

For some crazy reason she got up at 5am. I on the other hand didn’t get up until 8am. She baked 2 loaves of bread and made 12 muffins! (Crazy) I didn’t even have a chance to make breakfast for her. (And I snuck out last night to get eggs to make omelets this morning…)

She did at least find the card, chocolate, 2 types of ice cream and the cookies I got too. Probably why I got to sleep in.

We went to see one of our friends this morning at 9:30. She is from Toronto and only was in town for a few days. We had dinner with them on Friday too. It was nice to meet their dog Charlie. He is a wiener dog. Nothing super special. A rescue that came with the name Charlie.

After we visited we went home to do house work… I went shopping for trimmer line,20150510_113245 groceries and wildflower seeds. I came home with everything and some. Dinner. A 5lb salmon for the BBQ. ($14) I couldn’t pass it up at that price.

When I got home I gave Heidi the seeds and she went off to dig in the back yard. Jasmine helped too. The spot where she wants the wild flowers is where we had them last year. Also a spot full of Gout weed. So they tore out the Gout weed and planted the flowers. I strung the trimmer and mixed oil in the fuel for all the 50/1 motors we have.20150510_180050 Trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, 3 outboard motors. I  have a 2 stroke drill at the shop too. Handy for drilling on the top of hydro poles. Or in the middle of nowhere.

Heidi went out to do some shopping and Jasmine and I built a fairy house in the back garden. It’s made of sticks, A stick of sugarcane, grassy fluff stuff, magnolia flower pedals, and various seed pods. I think the garden fairies will love it! So does Jasmine.20150510_151635 20150510_151641 20150510_151714

When Heidi returned she and Jasmine went to the park down the street with another little girl that lives on our street. They went to practice riding their bikes. While they were gone I trimmed the lawn and edged the sidewalk out front with the trimmer. Then I got the hedge trimmer out and trimmed down the stubble from a decorative grass plant we have. I needed to split it so we will have one on each side of  the stairs to the backyard. I also got out my Jack All and removed a bush that was 90% dead from the winter. (I dug around it before I jacked it out…)20150510_170300 Then I got the blower out and cleaned up everything. I start the blower in the garage so I don’t need to sweep it out. The property is looking great. (Note I found 8 more Dandelions today! 8! I have no idea where they are com9g from. It’s like someone plants them at night.)

I BBQ’d the salmon tonight for dinner. Heidi and Jasmine loved it!

I got a call today form one of the Yacht Club members that is working with organizing the open house we are having May 24th. She wants me to give sailboat rides to the people attending. I’m not sure if I can or not yet. If I can I think I will.


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