Visiting my mom.

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A big day today. Without any sailing.

Heidi needed the car today to take some friends to a play in Strathroy. She also wanted me to clean it… So I vacuumed and washed down the interior. Then I washed the outside. It really needed done. We have this little girl that lives with us and she is messy! Wow the back seat was a mess of crumbs and stuff… I didn’t know she could make a mess. It seems like I cleaned the car out only 2 months ago…

I removed the mats. Both summer and winter. I keep the summer ones under the winter so it is easier to clean the floor in the spring. Salt is nasty to get out of carpet. So If I can get it to attach to the mat I can soak it out. So today she went matless.

I hit the mats with a stiff brush to loosen the salt. I also used a flat screwdriver in the really hard spots. Then I go the hose out and started the soaking process. I also used a little Mean Green to get a few marks out. I hung them outside to drip dry in the sun until we got home. They are hanging in the garage in front of the fan drying now. Good thing too as it rained once we drove in the lane way.

While the ladies were out watching Peter Pan I got work on the yard. 20150509_120643I pulled dandelions first. I got about 20. Their in the composter now. I’m surprised how fast they pop up from nothing to flowering plant. it seems like it only takes 2 days… After the weed removal I went at the lawn and mowed it.

We have a old style push reel mower. I think it’s about 4-5 years old. I found it on the side of the road 3 years ago. It was missing a ¼” bolt and nut. ($.10) We have used it ever since. I have had it sharpened by the guy that drives around in the van ringing a bell. (You know the guy.) He drives his custom sharpening van around really slow on weekends ringing a bell and stops to sharpen tools for people. He did our lawnmower 2 years ago and it worked great. It still worked good today but I thought it time to re-sharpen it. So I went to YouTube and watched videos on how to do it.

Some of the videos have a special sharpening tool that is really just a piece of sandpaper that is attached to the cutting bar. The blades are run forwards over the sandpaper and supposedly it is sharp. I found a couple videos that lapped the blades and thought that the best way. I have lapping compound from a motor job I did a few years ago so why not.20150509_143445

When lapping the blades you start with the coarse grit and finish with the fine grit.20150509_143440 20150509_143456 You also run the blades backwards… Yes that makes perfect sense. It leaves a fine and sharp cutting edge. Makes more sense than running it forwards and dulling the cutting edge. (I guess not quite dulling. One just never gets it as sharp as going backwards. That was makes perfect sense if you sell lawnmowers and blade sharpeners…)

It is like a new machine! It has never cut so well in the past 3 years. The last time it was sharpened the guy in the truck used a grinder! He did it by hand too! I think I will pass on him sharpening it ever again.

When Heidi and Jasmine got back from the play I told Heidi happy mothers day and showed her the freshly cut lawn. (Her job.)20150509_150726 And told her that I sharpened the lawnmower and that it worked so well that she will probably want to cut the lawn more often. She laughed…

We picked up dinner and went to my moms trailer in the woods for mother’s day dinner with her. I gave her a nice hanging plant for her deck. I also installed her air conditioner for her. We had a nice time in the trailer park in the woods. The girls went swimming while I cruised around the park on her golf cart. I made a few modifications to it too. I removed the back canopy that shades the clubs. it squeaked so much it was driving me crazy. Who ever came up with that great idea…? I also added felt pads to the windshield so when You have it folded over in front and open it doesn’t rattle so much. You can’t hear it now. The cart is more stealthy now.20150509_193803

i plan to do a few modifications to it in the near future. I want to add LED lights to it so she doesn’t kill the batteries as quickly. They will be 1000 times brighter too. While I’m at it I’m going to give it a good wash. It can use one. (It’s in preparation for a paint job I plan to surprise her later this summer.) I’m going to add purple Led lights under the cart as well. I will have them run whenever the key is on. I won’t tell her about that.

After the girls were done swimming I took them for a ride around the park. We saw the ducks, deer,20150509_184650 20150509_184323 pig, pigeons and the goats. the lama was being shy. Then we went to the store and got a Popsicle and toured through the woods to look at the Trilliums that grow wild.

We had a lovely time visiting my mom and I hope to get out more often this summer to do the same.


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