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More work at the shop today. Found some interesting stuff when I was cleaning out under some storage shelves. I was trying to get rid of the stuff I don’t use anymore. Some I’m giving to the guys that used to work for me and some I’m throwing out. Stuff like drywall tape. I had 7 part rolls! 7! All neatly stored in a plastic box labeled drywall stuff. That all went into the recycling.

One thing I came across that I forgot I had was an old electric compressor. Years ago someone gave it to me because it quit working. I thought I’d fix it and use it. Well you know how you get busy…. I did just that. Got too busy to even look at it and stored it under a shelf near the back. I plugged it in and turned it on and buzz…. It tried to start but it seemed the compressor part was stuck. So I took it apart to see what is wrong.

It turns out that the piston is seized in the cylinder. Not a good thing. But not too terrible.

I decided to try a repair that would cost me $1.99. I went and got a 2L bottle of Coke.20150506_162009 I dumped out the oil from the compressor and filled the crankcase with Coke. I also filled the cylinder with Coke.20150506_162016 20150506_162022 20150506_162033

Coke is a nasty product when you use it to do stuff it’s not intended to do. Like clean copper or remove rust. I’m removing rust with it. I will let it sit for a day or two and dump it out and give the piston a whack with a block of wood and a hammer. That should get it freed up. Then I will take the cylinder and give it a quick hone and put it back together if there isn’t any damage on the piston. If one of the rings is broken I will just remove it and let it go with one ring. A little thicker oil should help keep compression. Not that it needs a lot of compression to get the tank filled.

The compressor is rated for 225lb. That’s a lot! I only use up to 125 on all my air tools so a small loss in the high compression isn’t a concern to me.

I just did some YouTube research… Because YouTube is always right… It looks like I could have used apple cider vinegar or plain white vinegar too. I’ll see after I see what the Coke has done. When I last looked at it the Coke had been sitting for 3 hours and it was still bubbling… So something is happening.


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