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Today I got to cleaning the garage. I’ve been trying to work with summer and winter things all around. That doesn’t work. Since I’ve been doing a bunch of different jobs at different places and requiring different tools I have a big mix of them out. Some are on shelves some not in their cases some I can’t find the case… So it was time to get things in order. I got a chance to check over the sails that came with the Mac26D I picked up in the fall. I laid them out on the lawn and counted the patches. Not too bad. They will work for me at the club but not for charter. I wasn’t counting on them being in great shape. They are in better shape than I expected. 20150502_125605 20150502_125944(0) 20150502_125612 20150502_130004

I picked up a couple clear plastic shelf/ bin units the other day and want to use them to keep different things organized. Things like tape… Any Idea how many rolls of different types of tape I have… Yea. Me either. Or how many packs of 5” sanding disks I have. Or sanding belts. Or loose sand paper… At the shop I have a box of sheets that is supposed to go from fine at the top to course at the bottom. It doesn’t work that well. (At least I know where the sandpaper is though.) I do know where it is in the garage too. 3 different places for 3 different uses. But I want it in an easy to access spot that I can find it all in.

So I have moved some metal shelves and a 6’ long table. I just switched them end for end around another larger steel shelving unit. This opens up the front of the garage so there’s more room to work. I also built a hangar for the long C clamps that I have. And installed a light and a nut and bolt spiny thing. It’s kind of like having jar lids and jars nailed to a 4×4 that is hung horizontally. Just a purpose built storage thing.

I removed the outboard storage hanger I had set up because I plan to build a stand on wheels for them. The old way took up about 2’ of workbench space so it had to go. I may get to work on the new outboard stand tomorrow.

Jasmine and I went out to a Mary and Kens (Yacht club members) place to watch the Kentucky Derby at about 5:30 today. They had us for dinner too. Jasmine got to play with the cats that Mary always tells her about. She really had a good time playing withe the 2 cats. Their both less than a year old and pure black. They like to play too.20150502_190636 20150502_190648 We had a good time watching the derby and hanging out.

Tomorrow I plan to pull wires in Transition. I need to get at that fun task so I can get going on other things inside the boat. This week I will get most of the wiring replaced.


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