Sailing today!

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I sailed today! Finally.

I went to the shop before I picked up Jasmine from school. I filled the utility trailer with yard waste and leaves and brought it to get her. We took that to Try Recycling and dumped it. From there we went to the yacht club and picked up the old carpet that was on my old stairs. I disposed of that too. I left the wood because we can use it for a bond fire sometime soon. There’s no sense paying to get rid of it if I’m going to have to pay for wood to burn at the campfire… So it remains on the top of the hill by my new stairs.

After getting rid of the carpet we went  home for supper. Right after that we went back out to the yacht club to go sailing. Heidi stayed home to do home work for her Waldorf course.

Jasmine helped me rig the sail and get everything else ready. One thing was to drop the keel and put the plastic locking bolt in when it was down fully… That proved a little harder than I anticipated.

I tried to put the bolt in a couple of times without success. It didn’t hit me right away but the keel wouldn’t go down all the way. So I cranked it up a foot or so and let it drop. Still no go.

The only way I figured that it wasn’t going down all the way was by putting my baby finger through the bolt hole while Jasmine let it down. That took a couple tries and still nothing.

All this time water is flowing in through the bolt holes. Not a little water! Lots of water! It was like there were 2 garden hoses filling the cabin when I had the locking bolt out. So I gave up and put the bolt in to stop the water flow.

I didn’t really give up. The locking bolt is a major safety necessity for these boats. If you go over past 90* the keel will fall into the trunk and you lose all righting momentum from the keel… Not good! The reason I gave up at that spot was I thought that the keel may be touching the bottom… So I pulled the boat out to the end of the dock and lowered the keel. It worked the first try! I was hitting bottom in my slip!

We only used the main sail today as it was blowing 20km/h. The lake is still too cold to even think about sailing on the edge with the possibility of going over. Especially with Jasmine with me. So we played it safe with the one sail.20150429_184254

I decided not to use the motor today. I left it in the cabin where I store it and just pushed off from the dock. That worked great. The trick now would be to sail it back to the dock.

We had a nice sail up the lake into the wind. I let Jasmine steer on the downwind leg of our sail. She did better than last year but still loses concentration when something or anything distracts her. She will look one way and steer the other.

I sailed us back to the dock perfectly so I could just step off and hook the boat up.

I did put the boat in the slip backwards to accommodate the keel.20150429_191148


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