Salad days.

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One would expect that after a long cold winter of no sailing that once I had a boat in the water I would be out… Sailing of course. Wrong.

After Heidi and Jasmine got home from school I took them out for dinner at East Side Marios. (I’ve had a craving for their garden salad for a while now. It’s a really good salad!) It was good to get out for a dinner with the family.

Afterwards we came home and Heidi and I had a nap. (I’ve been going non stop for a few weeks now. She the same.) I should say a much needed nap. Jasmine played with her mom. There was a lot of giggling so I’m not sure how much napping Heidi did.

I just did a little research online and found the recipe for the salad dressing. I’ll get the few things we don’t have tomorrow so I can make it. I’m predicting more salad in my family’s future. Not that we don’t eat a lot of it now… (Heidi is a reformed vegetarian… She was vegetarian until she got me a smoker for my birthday about 10 years ago. It all started with smoked ToFu… )

Tonight I am going to go over what I need to be able to test the outboard motors that I am sending on the boats going north. I am going to test them on the Siren just to be extra sure they won’t give any problems.

They both have newly rebuilt carbs and water pumps. Also fresh gear oil in the bottom ends. I was using the 2hp Elgin yesterday to get the siren to the dock and it quit about 30’ away from the dock when I tried to throttle it down. I thought it was ready to go after last years carb rebuild and me storing it properly. I’ll have to take a look at it after the charter boats are in the North.


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