Just 70′ from the water.

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The toy boat is at the club.

I went out to the club today at about 11:30 to get the rest of the things done that were missed last weekend. Before I went I took the family on a little trip.

I’m sure Heidi gets jealous when I go to the recycle place with my buddies. So I brought her and Jasmine along to get rid of the trailer full of yard waste. After emptying the trailer we went and filled it with black mulch. 1 yard this time. (Turned out to just be enough to finish the back flower bed.) I brought the trailer full home and left it with Heidi and Jasmine to empty while I went to the club.

At the club I started with having a great lunch. Potluck style put on by the Dragon Boat teams that share our club. (90% lady’s that all seem to cook very well.) Lunch was delicious!

After lunch I went with Rick and some guy that I can’t recall his name (He sails a Shock 23.) to put in the racing markers. We loaded them into the small club trailer and I drove them down to the main dock.20150425_133628 I backed the trailer down into the water and Rick drove the barge up to it putting it between the pontoons. That made unloading onto the barge very easy.

Off we went to try and remember where the markers go… (The race captain wants them all placed according to specific GPS coordinates… You know, to keep them in the same spots as last year.) We placed them (about) where they used to be. But this time we accounted for how the wind was last year.20150425_132028 20150425_132839 20150425_133433

Our lake is in the shape of an S. With the left side facing West. At the tip of the bottom is #3 mark. And a dam. A big one that plays havoc with the wind. That’s fine as long as we keep the mark out of the wind shadow.  Last year it was deep in the shadow. Deep enough that you had to have a good approach to just get around the mark. If you missed it you were done. (It’s hard to tack if there isn’t wind…) Also the speed you need to turn around the mark had to be over the minimum laminar flow that the rudder would work with. So if your rudder was not quite the best foil shape you were without steering!

We did the same thing with #2 and #4 as well. Got them out of the wind shadows of the previous year.

We put the start line in too. It’s out from shore more and it’s a bit wider. I thought that it would be best if the small boats had a little more room. (I’ve been hit by 3 small boats on the old start line…) We all seem pretty happy with the mark placement.

When I came home to get the empty trailer to take it to the shop and park it it was still full. Heidi and Jasmine had done some other garden work instead… So I put down the rest of the landscape cloth and started filling the wheelbarrow and hauling the mulch to the back. It is looking really good.

After the mulch was down we had dinner and then it was off to the yacht club with our toy boat. I didn’t have time to rig it because we got their about 7pm. So We parked it in the staging area and went for a walk around the club.20150425_193842 20150425_193904

I will head to the club tomorrow and rig it to launch. I may launch it too if someone is there to catch it for me. I also plan to rebuild some of the stairs that are in very bad shape. They all are in bad shape so it may take me a while…


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