Dock install.

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I picked up my pass to get into the yacht club today.

That was after helping my buddy Knoal (Not his real name.) take some drywall back to the hardware store and pick up 18 2×4’s. All this we tied to the top of my SAAB. i have roof racks… So it only kind of looked Hillbilly. I hope. Knoal has been working on a studio for a local artist and I’ve been in and out visiting and dropping things off. (That’s where my utility trailer was.)

Today I asked him to give me a hand after we finished the stuff at the job site. He said sure.

So I took him out to the yacht club. There’s lots of stuff to do out there… I knew I could come up with something to do.

We made a stop at one of the club members houses on the way so I could get my new pass to get into the club. It’s a RFID card that opens the gate. In the past I had to use a window sticker and go through the gate that was staffed. (On the long weekend that can take 20 min! That’s just sitting in line while people fill out the paperwork for a camping pass.) Now I just wave this card and drive on in.

The real reason I took Knoal to the club was to put my dock in the lake. It’s a two person job and I knew Heidi would be tired after a week of herding kindergarten kids. She stayed at home with Jasmine. I knew Knoal and I could get it in in a reasonable time. Even knowing that Knoal had no idea what we were to do. It’s not that difficult. Just awkward and heavy.

I keep my dock on an earth berm at the club in the winter. I do this because it is easier to get it off the trailer. Also get it back on in the spring. The dock is 8×12’ and has a 2×6” wood frame with a plastic deck. Under the frame there are 8 plastic barrels that keep it afloat. So there’s no way that 2 people can lift it without mechanical aid. My choice for mechanical aid is my Jack All Jack. It’s good for 7000lb. That’s plenty.

I place the jack on the trailer after I get it in place to back it under the dock. Then I jack the dock up from the trailer so I can get bricks under it to hold it up high enough to slide the trailer under. I place the bricks about the middle of the dock, let the dock down on them and back there trailer under. I also use the winch that is on the trailer to pull it on a bit and help hold the dock in place. I only put it on about half way. So there is about 6’ hanging off the back of the trailer.

I started pulling it today and one of the eye hooks on the dock straightened…Not good! The hook and cable shot back and fit the back window of the car. So I decided to put the pole that goes through the eye hooks that the ramp hinges on in it’s position. that way when I pulled it again I was pulling on 5 hooks instead of 1. That worked much better.

We took the dock down to the main dock area and launched it without the aid of a main dock. (There not in place yet.) Once it was in the water I went to get the club barge and brought it back to float the dock over to my spot.

Floating it into place went well even with the 15 km/h wind pushing us to one side a bit. We got it into place and installed the ramp and then I went to get the post pounder and the ladder. yes I use a 6’ step ladder on my dock… I make sure it and the post pounder are tied to a line that is also tied to the dock just in case… I need the ladder to get up high enough to put the post pounder on the poles and start pounding to get it low enough to pound without the ladder.

There’s a trick to getting the dock installed strait. One has to put the two outer poles in first without pounding them down. When their in we can adjust the dock by pulling the poles from side to side. Once the dock is straight and one pole is straight I pound that pole. The off to the other side to straighten the pole and pound it down.

The last two poles don’t take as much to get in. There  only 8’ long. The outer ones are 16’.

Once all the poles were pounded in We tried the dock to the short poles on land to help keep it straight.

Done! It’s in and solid.20150424_193455

Tomorrow I will get the sailboat in the lake and go for a sail! It’s been a long winter and I really miss it.


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