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Well the trailer is empty. It was half full of black mulch for the garden. My beautiful wife wanted black mulch instead of the regular wood colored stuff I usually get. (This black stuff stains your hands and clothes…) We got to unloading it with our new blue box for recycling. It showed up on our doorstep last week… We used the blue box because the wheelbarrow is at the shop. I was at the shop today but I have this thing about putting wheelbarrows and some other things on top of the SAAB. I don’t. I didn’t have time to come home and get the trailer so the blue box it was.

We were dodging rain as we planned to empty the trailer and mixed having dinner in just before unloading. We also moved a bush or tree. I had to dig out the stump from our Christmas tree first. It went surprisingly easily. (Who ever planted it didn’t remove the burlap or the wire cage that surrounded the root ball. It was here when Heidi got the house.) The roots hadn’t really come through the burlap so it was just a matter of removing some dirt from around it and lifting it out.

The tree we put in it’s place came from the back of our yard. I put it there 5 years ago.20150421_170633 20150421_170739 20150421_170742

It was given to me by someone that wanted it removed from their flower garden. It came with another bigger one and a even larger miniature Lylock. (It’s 8’ tall but has smaller flowers than a regular one.)

One of my buddies that owns a landscape design company told me I got a great deal. Well they paid me to take them… I planted them in our yard instead of having them chipped for mulch.

After I had moved the tree I cut out 3 metal posts from our old fence.20150421_173016 They had been left behind from the back neighbors when they built a new wood fence last year. I’m glad they put a new big wood fence up. They have a Pit Bull dog that would look over the top of the old chain link fence and bark at us.

We put down landscaping cloth before the wood chips.20150421_174545 20150421_174548 I hope it works because I’m not going to weed anymore. Unless it’s with the weed eater… Heidi has spent countless hours each year fighting Gout Weed back there and it’s time she had a reprieve. I plan to put the landscape cloth in all the flower beds. (Except the one beside the garage because the Hostas keep any other plants away with the amount of shade they make and their huge size.) This year should be the year of easy gardening. We ended up running out of cloth and mulch. That will have to wait until next week before we finish.

Looking out at the lawn today has me thinking that I should sharpen the lawnmower and give it a cut. It’s only April 21 but it’s in need of a cut already. (I wish I could say that in February!)20150421_174555 20150421_183501

I picked up some hose for inside the fuel tanks of the boats today. I installed it on one tank that I will use for the Siren 17.20150421_181143 That thing is the weight for the end of the hose. Keeps it at the bottom of the tank it does.

I’ll see if WordPress is working properly today. It wasn’t again yesterday. So far there has been no response from my HELP question… Not sure why. I couldn’t find any answers in the FAQ about my problem. (It’s working!)


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