OB stand or OB stands.

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I picked up a few things at the shop today for Saturdays roof replacement at the yacht club. I got another 50’ air hose so I can have a little extra to work with. It saves moving the compressor around. I don’t like when you get to the end of the hose and you still have 2 nails to put in one shingle. Then it’s down off the roof to move the compressor and fiddle around. It wastes time.

I also picked up a bunch of 2 ½” screws for another project. I am going to build a wooden outboard stand. I can use one! That’s for sure. 20150416_142745

Up until now I have been using my hand cart with a couple of boards screwed together. It’s not the most elegant design or the best in terms of safety… It’s wobbly and their is a 1” gap between the boards that the handle goes through. I know the screws I use are supposed to have a 500lb shear strength but I’m pushing my luck if I keep using it. I’d hate to have one fall off and break the bottom end casting.

I picked up 3- 2×4’s at Copp’s Buildall downtown after Jasmine and I had a pizza supper at Piero’s Pizza. After that we went to my favorite princess store for casters. I found small ones on sale so I got those. I don’t need anything too big robust as this will only be moved once in a while.

I am thinking of making it double wide so it will hold 2 outboards. Maybe even triple wide… I have 4 outboards now and can see more accumulating in the future. The reason I am thing of double or triple wide is to save space in the garage. Floor space is at a premium now… If I make it double wide I save 8” triple wide I save 16” Quad… 24” of space taken up by the side supports. That is compared to making one for each motor. I think I’ll get to the stand tomorrow after I get the car loaded with the tools needed for Saturday.

I just had a txt conversation with my VA. Things get lost in translation… He is back on task now and I gave him a few resources I had to help him in his research. I’m hoping that he finishes up in the next day or two.

I found the new bow navigation light for the Siren that I got in the winter. I now need to find a LED bulb to fit the socket so I can install it. I also want to get a mast steaming light and anchor light while I’m at it. I’ll just get those from Ebay or some place like that.

Before I picked up Jasmine form school I took our regular old floaty type life jackets to the laundry mat. I like to clean them each spring so they are fresh for the season. I can’t use our washing machine because it is a top loader. They would just float… The laundry mat has huge side load machines that you can put crazy amounts of stuff in.20150416_151613 20150416_151617 So I used their 2nd biggest machine for all our 4 adult and 4 kids size jackets. That didn’t even fill the machine… I didn’t dare put them in the dryers there so I brought them home and hung them in our back porch.20150416_173451 They will  be dry tomorrow and ready for another season.


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