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Well I hired a VA through Elance last night. He is doing research for me.

I want to have all the yacht clubs, sailing clubs, sailing schools and marinas email, website and all that other contact info at my finger tips. So I have tasked Chandra from India to get all that info together for me. He will be a lot faster than me doing it. It looks like his spelling and grammer are better too.

I thought I had someone set to do this but they didn’t get back to me. They applied for the job but didn’t bother coming to work. Or answering my emails…

I want that information so I can get the word out about the charter company.Single card island I need bookings. I want the season to be booked solid. If it’s not people are missing out on a great opportunity. It is a great deal. $1000 for a week on a 26’ sailboat… No other place in the world offers that. They are all trying to make money. I’m not. I’m making peoples dreams come true. Mine too.

The charter has to make some money too. Not a huge amount. But enough to get more boats and repair anything that comes up. Things like outboards and sails need to be replaced after a while.

If you do the math you can figure out that it’s not a big money making proposition. 2 boats x 10 weeks @ $1000/ week = $20000. Deduct insurance, marina fees, labor, fuel, advertising etc and you have enough to buy a good used outboard at the end of the season.

Why bother…?

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts about giving back to a community that has helped us.

Our daughter Jasmine had Leukemia when she was 2. She went through 2.5 years of treatment and is now cancer free. The treatment was free. Paid for by our taxes.

I don’t want to just take from society. I want to give too. Sailing has afforded our family some great times and allowed us to meet new friends. It’s gone from an activity that was safe for Jasmine because she couldn’t be around other kids. (She didn’t have an immune system during treatment.) To a new passion. One from years ago that had been forgotten in today’s rat race.

I want to let others have the experience of cruising North America’s best cruising area at an affordable price. I can’t afford to just give away charters. But I can make chartering affordable to people that couldn’t afford it before. It’s giving back to others in a way that I find myself able to. I want to help people have experiences of life time. This is the experience I have chosen. Not Disney Land. Sailing in the North Channel.

My daughters treatment experience taught me a lot. A lot about myself and a lot about others.

I found out that all we really have is our life experiences. The good and the bad. The things we choose or don’t choose to do or have done to us. These things affect us in different ways. For my family our experience with Jasmines cancer has given us so much. I didn’t want to be the dad of a little girl with cancer. But I am. I have that experience that changed the way I think. I didn’t think I would be grateful for this experience when our journey started but I am. When she was diagnosed I thought life as we knew it was over. It was over.

Our new journey was just beginning. I’m embarking on a quest to make new good memories.

I want to experience the North Channel myself. I also want others to have the same opportunity that I  have been afforded. It was blind luck that we came across the 2nd MacGregor 26D. It just kind of fell in my lap. Originally I was just going to keep the best boat and sell the other for a profit. Then something happened at the place I work at. I was notified that my job is changing drastically in the next 5 years. I will get to keep my job. I’m not so sure I want to though. So something had to change. I decided to do what I would love to do. Start a charter business and help others like myself. My object is to make this business grow so it can support me and my family. It’s an opportunity to try new things and see where life takes us.

I believe that you are the only one that can make things happen for yourself. You have to do the things that are uncomfortable and learn that the more you do those things the more things happen. More good things happen.Single card island

I got our 3rd boat doing an online business failure challenge. It is an exercise that is supposed to help get entrepreneurs used to rejection and failure. The challenge is based on asking for a discount on a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop. I thought I’d try it at a storage yard and ask if I could have a boat I had seen. It worked! (I failed the challenge because I wasn’t turned down.)

We now have Cosmic Muffin our Siren 17.football 1067 It’s 9’ shorter than our charter boats and a lot slower. But it’s a sailboat that we can sail at the yacht club and still have a fun and relaxing time. We don’t need a 26’ boat on our small lake. 17’ is fine.

This week I am getting it ready to go to the lake for the season. It needs a few things done to it to make it work like it should.

I removed  the board that supports the outboard motor because it was rotting.20150412_170217 20150412_170223 I will replace that this week along with the front nav light and a couple blocks. I need to sharpen the teeth on the cam cleats so they hold the sheets better too. (They were popping the sheets out in our last regatta. Made sailing single handed a double handed and one foot type of an affair. {I came 2nd.}) I’m going to go over the sails this week and check for any spots that need attention too. I should be able to get the 6Hp outboard going this week as well. I don’t want to go another season with the 2Hp Elgin. It’s not a great thing to have to keep it in the cabin when it’s not in use. It tends to stink the cabin up of fuel. That’s just because I can’t lock it to the transom.


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