Trip to get sailboat parts.

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A beautiful day to go the the chandler. Or the closest thing we have in London Ont. to a chandler. I went to Heritage Marine. I needed to pick up a couple turnbuckles for the Siren. I broke one last fall when I was taking down the mast! The mast almost fell over sideways when it broke! I was loosing it and the threaded part just snapped! I had to be fast to grab the side stay to keep the mast upright.

Then it got interesting. I was on the ground with the boat on the trailer attached to the car. I had loosened the other side stay already. But now I needed to get onto the boat. Also I needed to unhook the fore stay to drop the mast… I managed to get onto the boat while holding the side stay. Then I carried the stay up to the bow with me. I undid the fore stay while holding the side stay and took both of those back to the mast and dropped the mast.

I drop and raise the mast on this boat by myself. It’s not too heavy and the side stays don’t seem to want to get hung up. No back stay helps too. On the MacGregor 26D’s there always seems to be something getting caught when the mast is half way up… And if it’s not caught on something it’s probably twisted the wrong way. It’s common to take two or three attempts to get one of the Mac masts up. That’s with two people doing it too.

It started to rain once I got home with Jasmine. I had to get to work on the Mac right away though.

I had left the companionway hatch and the fore hatch open to air it out. So I had to close them. But first I needed to get in there with the shop-vac and get the water out of the bilge areas. I am going to be working in those areas so I need it clean and dry.

I got about 15 gallons of water out. A lot! It rained more the other night than I figured it did…

Oh well it’s clean and dry now. Even after the rain storm we had. We missed the thunderstorm that was predicted. Good thing too as I don’t have my hatches locked down.

After supper Jasmine and I went out in the fading rain with our binoculars to watch birds. We checked the back yard first and saw a pair of Pizza birds. Pizza birds are English sparrows. Heidi came up with Pizza birds from watching them watch her eat pizza at Stobie’s Pizza in downtown. It’s kind of eerie to have a flock of 20-30 little birds staring at you and hopping around your feet picking up crumbs. It’s a zoo if you throw them a piece of crust!

The next few days look nice so I should be able to get some of the things I’ve been putting off for the weather started.


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