Play day.

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Heidi and I went to a play tonight at the Grand Theater in downtown London. (I think every city has a grand theater in there down town…) We saw a musical… About the Mamas and the Papas… Yea really! We were given the tickets and didn’t even think about what we were going to see until the babysitter arrived. I mentioned to her that we didn’t have a clue what we were in for and she took out her phone and Goggled it. Then I asked her if I could watch Jasmine while she and Heidi went to the play.

I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t mentioned it to her now. I think it would have been much better if I went in blind. Not having judged it before seeing it. Because it was really good…! Really sparse stage with 3 projections and a band in the closet that played all the music live. The actors sang and played all their parts too. And now after I’ve been home for 10 min I can’t remember the name of it….?

Today started with Jasmine and I going to McDonald’s and driving through for breakfast. We were on our way to an auction outside of town. We got to the auction about 30 min after it started. We didn’t miss much. There was a ton of junk. Wagons full of it. They were intent to go through piece by piece… I did buy a boat hook for $10. An ok deal.

I was hoping for more better boating stuff but was somewhat disappointed. What was there was old and people were paying way too much for it. We left after about an hour. That was just after I saw a 1970’s Chrysler long shaft OB sell for $125. It looked like it had been left in the water for a season or two. Back when it was new…20150411_101200 I didn’t even bid on it.

I did get to meet and talk to Len. He had some stuff in the auction. (Most of the boating stuff.) I wanted to talk to him and find out where he gets his sailboats from. He had 5 about 4 years back. One of which I looked at buying. (A 1980 Mac25.) It was full of water and just wrecked inside. I passed on it. He told me that the 2 sailboats that were in the auction used to he his but he sold them a few years back to the guy that now owned the property and all the other stuff that was for sale. He also mentioned that they would go for nothing today at auction. (I knew this… They weren’t in that nice a shape…) He also told me where he was getting them from. They all were given to him… A charity was given them by the original owners and they just gave them to Len… I’m not sure what the deal was or even if their was a deal. I didn’t want to pry as I just met him today.

After the auction I took Jasmine dress shopping. It was the least I could do after putting her through the outdoor auction. It was windy and cold where it was held. We went to Value Village and found a nice sun dress for her. Even Heid likes it. I saw and contemplated a few others that I don’t think Heidi would have approved of too.20150411_113818 I left them at the store.

After the princess dress shopping excursion we went to the storage place where I keep my boats. I wanted to pick up the Siren 17 and get it home to prep for next weekend. It was in fine form with air in the tires and only about an inch of water in the cabin. I pulled the drain plugs and hooked it to the car and off we went. On the way back to the city I stopped at Xtreme Marine to get bottom end oil and some plastic washers for the drain and fill plugs.

I got the Siren home and emptied it out to clean inside. There were some small mold spots that had developed from the moisture in the cabin that I needed to remove. I used my soft car wash brush and a eucalyptus cleaner and smell remover.20150411_120525 20150411_143455 20150411_143806 20150411_174620 20150411_174634 I used it before to remove the raccoon smell when I got the boat. It works well. I only spent about 45 min cleaning withe the brush and hose. No power washer today. Just the hose. It turned out really well.

I set about trying to fix the compressor after washing the inside and outside of the boat.20150411_174658 20150411_174713 First I found a bolt that I had a tap for from my collection of nuts and bolts. I settled on a ¼” 020. I tapped the hole I drilled and tried to tighten the bolt…

Plan B… The bolt didn’t have enough metal to grip so I decided to weld it on. So I got out my small 110 stick welder. A perfect thing for small jobs like this…

Plan C… After burning bigger holes in the tank I have decided that I need a bigger piece of metal to cover the hole.20150411_172432 Ideally I would like to put a new 8” wide curved strip of metal from end to end and weld around it. That would get me away from the thin material on the bottom of the tank. I don’t have a big enough welder for that type of job. So Tomorrow I’m off to the hardware store for a piece of metal big enough to cover the hole and get into thicker metal.

I touched up the JB weld that I used to fill a crack on the bottom leg of the 6hp Johnson OB. It had some low spots. I sanded it before I put the second coat on.20150411_145141 20150411_145229 That way it will hold a little better.

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