It’s a Chonda.

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I think I have found the motor that my generator is copied from. It’s a Chinese knock off of a Honda. (I think…)honda GX120 exploded drawing From what I can find online it looks the same. (It’s a Honda GX120 Clone. I just downloaded the manual from Honda Canada. Exact same engine…)

They must have forgotten to print Honda on it… Or something…

I will get to the carb again tomorrow when the girls are at a potluck dinner. I plan to get to the Bondo on the truck at that time as well. I have yet to find a local Honda parts suppler in London… I’ll keep looking to see if I can find a carb kit.

Jasmine and I went out to the Yacht Club today after school. At least as far as we could get. The gate is closed at 4pm so we couldn’t drive in. We did walk out on the dam and see if there was any ice left. There’s a small piece 40×50’ near the edge of the dam.20150409_160749 That’s it! Yea. It is probably going to melt in tonight’s thunderstorms. It’s 15C right now and raining like crazy. No thunder yet but I’m hoping for some. I kind of miss it. You don’t get thunder too often with snow storms. Just snow quietly falling.

We haven’t had a flood in our basement this season. I’m really surprised of that. It has flooded every spring for the last 12 years. Same as the back yard. But it hasn’t flooded either.

The back yard was so bad that I added 24 yards of topsoil around the south side so we could get out to the back of the yard. It kind of looks like a sunken golf green in the low spot.20150328_145204 The higher area looks like a C. When I added the topsoil I put in 12” all around the C shape. That 12” has shrunk or compressed down to about 8-9”. Still high enough to let us get to the back without wet feet. The most I’ve ever seen about 7”of water in the backyard. That’s still a lot!

I’m not sure if the neighbor’s swimming pool has something to do with the lack of flooding or not. They raised their yard (and the pool deck) up about a foot above my highest spot… When there was the old house on that lot that back yard used to flood as well as ours.

Just heard the first thunder.


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