Warming up the sewing machine and farming out stuff.

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A long day of chasing lost cats in the village didn’t let me get to the shop today. I wanted to put another coat of Bondo on the truck. I won’t be able to until Sat at this rate. It looks like April showers will be happening for the next few days.

(I just got an email from Lens Mills about their latest sale… I am going to take advantage of that and make sail covers for all the boats. I have 2 now but need 4.)

I plan to get the sewing machine out tomorrow and get at the cushions for the boats. I’m doing things a little differently than what the boat came with. I’m not going to use zippers. I’m going to use Velcro instead. I’ve used Velcro before with great success on other boat cushions. I use 1” wide strips and they seem to be very strong. I’ve not had them come apart anyway.

Tomorrow after supper I will take apart the cushions I have and make drawings of them. That will allow me to put the measurements up on the MacGregorowners.com site for others to use.

I think it’s good to share that type of information.

I haven’t tried to start the generator today. Getting home late and not having the drive to get selling like gas has held me back. It may happen tomorrow after the cat chasing… If I get in before supper.

I’ve posted a job on Elance looking for a virtual assistant to do a bunch of web stuff that I don’t have time for. That will be a big help. Just knowing that someone else can look after some of that is a big relief.

I plan other VA jobs for the near future too. I may as well do what I’m good at and let someone else do the things I don’t like doing. No sense putting myself through anything I don’t need to.

I will continue to answer the phone.


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