Primed sills and broken generator.

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No strange rabbits snuck into our house last night. Jasmine did find the odd stray chocolate egg. I’m pretty sure they were ones she missed from yesterday.

I tried to start the generator this morning. It didn’t start. It’s not getting fuel into the cylinder. So I removed the carb and took it to Kensal Rental to get a carb kit. They don’t have anything that small… So I went to Canadian Tire where I think the generator was sold from back in 2008. They didn’t know if they had ever carried it or not… They told me to go to a larger store and ask them. I left with new spark plugs and 2 new pairs of binoculars. They are to replace the ones for the boats that Jasmine and I are having fun with. I’m going to have to do some research to find a carb kit for this motor…

I went to the shop today and worked on the truck. I sanded the Bondo and gave it another coat where it needed. There were some low spots. I haven’t done this for a number of years so I’m a little rusty. I’m also working upside down. So I am dealing with gravity… Gravity and a putty like substance like Bondo do what you would expect. The gravity pulls on the Bondo and it sags. That is until it gets to the point where it is getting too hard to work with. Then it just won’t stick… The 2nd coat went on as well as I could have expected.

I came home after 4pm having picked up Jasmine from a play date with Evie. They are like sisters. Evie used to come to our house everyday after school and play with Jasmine until her mom or dad came to get her. They really get along great.

After supper I pulled the generator carb apart and cleaned it well. I used carb cleaner and compressed air. I had every passage clean so air would go through it. It seems that wasn’t enough… It still isn’t getting fuel to the cylinder… So I am going to have to take it off again and redo what I did before. I’ll let it sit longer in the carb cleaner this time to make sure I get everything. I think a small piece of gunk from the ethanol fuel has come loose and lodged in their someplace. I will use a pipe cleaner this next time to give the passageways a good scrub. It doesn’t take much to foul a tiny carb.

After I played with the generator I went back to the shop and sanded the Bondo I had put on earlier. I primed everything and left it like that. Priming has shown me all the spots I need to fix yet.20150406_193540 20150406_193549 20150406_193620 I used a sandable primer so I can just fill the low spots and sand them back. A final coat of primer will finish that. I will paint it when it is dry enough outside. That won’t be this week.


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