The rabbit had been.

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That rabbit came to our house last night. I was woken by a little girl yelling… Daddy, Daddy… I helped Jasmine get the high chocolate eggs. I don’t know how that rabbit gets up so high as to put them on the door frames… I let her find them while I made coffee. She had a great time.20150405_073036 20150405_074028

We called Heidie’s family out in PEI after the egg hunt and told them all about it.

After breakfast of chocolate and something I can’t remember… (It couldn’t have just been a chocolate breakfast… Could it? That may explain why I was falling asleep in church.) We went to church for the Sunday service.20150405_092352 Heidi is in the quire and she sang today.20150405_093754 Along with the other 6 members. It’s a small church. After the service some nice lady was selling the leftover ham from the Friday supper that they had. I purchased 4 containers of it.

Jasmine and I had that and quiche for lunch. Quiche because we had to blow out eggs for Jasmine to paint. She did a good job too. Heidi has been keeping all the eggs that she has painted over the years in egg cartons in the basement so you can see a real progression in ability.20150405_073051

After lunch we just hung out at the house. It was cold and wet outside. We had 2” of snow on the ground when we went to church and it was melting by the time we left there. I just didn’t have the energy to do anything today. So I checked email and wrote a couple adds for the charter.

This time I hope that they will stay up on Craigslist. I posted 6 back on Mar. 19th and they were promptly removed by someone. Seems I broke the rules…

That same thing happened last week on But there it was 9 adds that were removed… That hurts! Maybe someone doesn’t like my writing… Well I wrote to Kijiji and they told me I was breaking the rules too. Hmm. Seems that you are only allowed to post ads in your area. I live in London Ont. I post most of the adds for the charter in Toronto. It’s a huge market and where I get all the calls from. So now I only have ads in London on both add platforms.

I’m looking for someone in Toronto to post some ads for me…

My mom came over for a visit this afternoon. She wants us to look after one of her dogs in September when she is planing to go on a trip to Newfoundland. Jasmine is excited to do this. We are going to take the pocket dog. It’s a chiwawa named Taffy. It’s about as smart as the average leaf in the wind. It should be an interesting time.

I also worked on an ad to hire out simple simple online tasks while the girls made a wreath for out front door. One was to compile a comprehensive list of all the Yacht Clubs and sailing clubs in Ontario. Once I have that I will start sending personal emails to each describing my charter company.20150405_161456

I had hoped to get to the generator today but my laziness got the best of me. (I had two naps today!) I think I need to pull the carb off and soak it in cleaner. I’ll also get a carb kit if I can find one. I know I have carb cleaner at the shop so I plan to get it tomorrow and bring it here.

The weather looks nice for sanding the Bondo on the truck tomorrow. So I’ll give it a sand early and hit it with another coat to fill the imperfections. I want to sand it a 2nd time tomorrow and get a coat of primer on it. It is supposed to rain for the next 3 days straight and I want it sealed up

So the primer coat will do that nicely.


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