Exploding Cook Ware and Big Rabbits.

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A fun filled Saturday is what we had. I went to the shop in the morning to get a few things and check on the bondo job I did yesterday. The bondo job is hard as a rock! It’s ready to sand. I didn’t sand it because it rained and froze overnight. (Remember I put the hose out yesterday… It was frozen too. But no splits.) I didn’t want to open up the skin of the bondo and subject it to moisture. So I will do that on the next nice day. By looking at the forecast that may be in a week or so… It looks kind of rainy. For a week strait. Oh well it is closed in and there are no holes. That’s all that matters for a safety check.

On the way home I went grocery shopping. It was a zoo! Everything is closed tomorrow for Easter Sunday and everyone was stocking up for what looked like a couple weeks worth of food. I was the guy with just a basket at the one store. I went to another to get charcoal. (The first only sells briquettes. I don’t like the way they make food smell. Compare them sometime…) At the 2nd store I was  the guy with a 10lb bag of charcoal under my arm. I was 3rd in line. The first people took about 10 min to check out. Their bill was close to $300! The people in front of me had more stuff! They let me go ahead of them. I thanked them 3 times.

One of the things I got from the shop was my gas powered chainsaw. I will need it this spring when we take out the stump from our old bush turned Christmas tree. I also picked up my gas generator.20150404_131644 I have been meaning to do that for a long time. It has never been easy to get to as it was at the back of the shed under a bunch of other tools. I did move the other stuff and got it out.

I want to get it going. Last time I tried I broke the recoil. I also fixed the recoil but didn’t have the time to get it going. So I put it at the back of the shed…

Before I got working on that I took Jasmine to Springbank park to look for birds with her binoculars.20150404_135015 20150404_141949 20150404_142046 We saw a bunch of different ones and played on the swings. On the way home she wanted to go to the Village. I drove us through and we stopped at Thames park. It’s very close to downtown and we didn’t see very much of anything other than Canadian Geese.

I worked on the generator for about an hour while BBQing supper.

I brought it home and cleaned the carb and the gas tank out.20150404_162021 20150404_162041 Hopefully I did try to get it going after I put it back together but had no luck. I think I need to soak the carb in cleaner to get it going. It was really gummed up in the bowl. I blame that on Ethanol. It makes a sticky mess if you leave fuel in things.

I only use fuel that doesn’t have it in it. Around here the only place to get that is Shell. Only their super 91 doesn’t have any in it. All the other gas stations have ethanol in all the grades. (I’ve been told by a few that they don’t have it. But I’ve also checked the websites of each and found that they do have it in and they promote it… It’s good for the environment… (I am not in agreement. It take a lot of energy to grow corn and turn it into ethanol. How much $ does it save the average person that leaves it in their lawn mower over the winter and can’t get it going the next spring? Not a penny. The costs of using this fuel and producing it are even if not more. Isn’t their a subsidy for farmers that grow corn for fuel…? Is that like a hidden tax? We pay for it in all kinds of ways.)

I had to make a new gasket for between the air intake and the carb because the pollution control has a PVC hose that goes into the intake box. It’s supposed to be kind of like a sealed unit. It is again. I used an old waxed cardboard cracker box to make the gasket. It will work fine once I get it going…

I did something today that I have never done before. I was BBQing a couple of chickens I picked up today. I put them in a large Pyrex or Corning glass dish. It exploded when I went to move it.20150404_174637 I was going to turn it so the far chicken got the heat that the close one was and Bang! It looks like someone busted a car window in my BBQ now. The chickens were fine. The pieces under each stayed somewhat intact. (I’ve never seen that before. Some of the sides stayed together too.) As I understand how this glass is tempered and how it should break if broken. Like a car window…

There is a thing called a Prince Rupert’s drop. It’s really hard tempered glass in the form of a drop of glass. It’s made by pouring molten glass into water. The outside cools so quickly that it has a higher surface tension than the inside and is much stronger than just plane glass. (Good quality cell phone screens are kind of made the same way. Kind of in principle…) Anyway My Pyrex or Corning (It’s hard to tell now that it is broken…) dish didn’t like the way I was moving it and burst into a lot of little pieces.

I understand that a big rabbit is coming to visit tonight. Jasmine is very excited about it’s arrival. I think Heidi is too.


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