A Good Friday.

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Lovely Good Friday today. I took the day off. Kind of anyway. I didn’t chase cats in the village.

I did go over to the shop and butter up the fiberglass job I did to the passenger side sill of the truck. I found an old can of bondo tucked away on a lower shelf. (Old as in 10 years…) I decided to test it out. Why not… If It didn’t work I would just use the new stuff I got the other day.

It hardened! Nicely too. It’s a bit harder to mix because it is really thick but other than that it worked fine.

I did the whole sill and plan a quick sand and a skim coat in a day or two. After that it’s a coat of high fill primer and another sanding. Then another prime coat and paint after if the primer looks good.

Spring at the shop always is a mess. All the snow is gone from the lawn now so it is showing the mess from the winter. I filled half a large garbage can with garbage off the lawn! Yes half a big can! That’s the 2nd time in a week! There’s a McDonalds and a Starbucks down the street. I don’t find Starbucks garbage… I do find McDonalds garbage daily! Hourly sometimes! My lot size is only 33×100… And there is a house and two out building on the property!  There are a lot of messy students in my area of town.

After lunch I installed the hose outside so I can wash the inside of the MacGregor. Also wash the car. I chose to wash the car today… It looks great! I got Jasmines bike out of the garage for the summer too. I spent some time running up and down the street hanging on to the seat from behind and convincing her to pedal. She is starting to recall how it works again. I give her a week and she will be on her own ripping around.

We went out to the lake today for a walk. The gate was closed at the dam so we walked in from the parking area.20150403_144735 20150403_144833 We bumped into my buddy Alek and his family out for a walk too so we tagged along with them. They have 3 boys. (I’m glad we have one girl.) It was nice to hang out and explore with the kids.20150403_151808 You don’t get to see much of the critters as the kids make so much noise. We did come close to a Chickadee. Only because a photographer had put food out for it…20150403_152647

It’s funny. When we said we were going to the lake Jasmine didn’t want to go… Once there she didn’t want to leave… She wanted to walk into the yacht club to see it. (About another mile…) She said she missed it. We didn’t go that far because we were hanging with Alek and family. Maybe next time.

The ice is leaving quickly from the lake! It looks like it won’t be much longer until it’s gone!

I grew up on a small lake and we watched every day for the ice to leave. Some days it would be on the other side of the lake or in the middle. It depended on the direction of the wind. At Fanshawe the ice moves to the SE end of the lake because of the flow of water.20150403_154511 I think the far end of the lake could be open now and the ice is working it’s way toward the outlet at the dam.


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