Green Rollers, Ice leaving, Turkeys

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Another nice warm day with what is left of the snow melting in the rain.
I did get the window fixed on the Saab today. I was right in my thinking that the problem was the green roller. The ball on the lifting arm had popped out of the cup of the roller.20150402_150430 I snapped it in twice and lubed everything. I think it should be good for a while.

I’m unsure why this happens so much in the winter. One day things are great and the next it’s broken… I think some of the blame should go to the cold. The other part of the blame should go to the cheap design that uses sub par plastic to make the rollers out of. (It’s a problem on the Volvo 70’s as well. They have the same green rollers. Probably the same window mechanism manufacturer.)

While I was at the shop I removed the from and the wax paper that I had used to protect the from from the sill of the truck. It turned out well. I still needed to patch a few smaller holes though. I mixed up another small amount of resin and got those done today as well.

The picture shows why I use wax paper.20150402_142743 It peels off nicely once set. You do have to remove the wax before you do anything else. Roughing it up with sandpaper is a good idea too. I’ll hit it with the sander and 60-80 grit and a wipe with acetone and I’m good to fill in the low spots. I will make it look nice. May as well if I’m doing it… The weather looks good for tomorrow. +6C. Not quite enough to work on the boat. (It’s like a ice box in there at that temperature.) But it will be high enough to work on a black truck in the sun.

I picked up Jasmine after school because Heidi had a staff meeting. I took her home and I showered and got clean clothes on or supper. When we got home there was a parcel sticking out of our mail box. A present from Grandma and Grandpa in PEI. Jasmine tore into it while I showered. It contained two skirts and 2 tops. One top for Heidi and everything else for Jasmine.

Mary had made the skirts. They are great. One has a cat on it. the other is kind of a plad. Both look really nice on Jasmine.

Jasmine chose the skirt with the cat to wear out to dinner.20150402_161251 I took her to East Side Mario’s. She wanted pizza and I was craving their garden salad. (Yea… Salad.) Jasmine got lots of comments from the wait staff about her dress and coat. She looked really cute!20150402_180856

After dinner we went out to Fanshawe Lake to check the ice. It’s disappearing fast.20150402_182528 20150402_182542 I bet one could go canoeing on the weekend. It was raining hard when we got to the park so Jasmine stayed in the car while I braved the rain.

We saw our friends the wild turkeys while out at the park too.20150402_183033 I parked for a minute so Jasmine could use the binoculars to check them out.


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