Forgetful loud fiberglass birds.

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Throughout the day I use my phone to take pictures of things I’m doing. Also things I see. Like this: 20150401_113635(0) 20150401_113649(It’s Afril 1st today…)

Things like looking for lost cats in Wortley Village. (The cat’s are usually too fast for me to get my phone out and focus and snap a picture. So not so many cat pictures. And not so many cats captured saved.)

The pictures help me remember what I have done. I get really busy with a bunch of tasks and tend to forget all that I have accomplished. Especially when I am doing a number of things at once.

Today for instance. I went over to the shop to do a few things. One was repair the broken green window roller on the SAAB drivers door. (They pop out of the ball joint in the winter… If you’re not careful.) To repair this I need to take the inside door skin off and squeeze the ball back into the socket with a pair of water pump pliers. Listen for 2 clicks. (One click and I’ll be doing it again tomorrow..) I had all the tools to do this in the car as well as some others for other jobs that I needed to do. One of the other jobs was to re-fiberglass the sill of the truck.

I had just come from Princess Auto and with a new container of resin and hardener. Also a small tub of Bondo with hardener. I wanted to get to the fiberglass first so I could work on the car while it was kicking.

I did the fiberglass in two pieces. One 30” x 6” and another 5×10”. The big piece covers a big hole so I needed to brace it from underneath. For this I used a board with a piece of carpet on it. over that I put wax paper then the fiberglass. The carpet will push the glass into the low spots and the board will support the whole thing. I also clamped the board to the body of the truck so it would be strait. The small patch was kind of an after thought. I had a little resin left in the pot and a few small holes to fill so I just used a big piece of cloth to cover everything. I put it on wax paper and just slapped it on. I held it on with tape. After all that I cleaned up and left.

I totally forgot to fix the car window roller. I didn’t realize this until I pulled out on to the busy street the shop is on… Oops. I had to pick up Jasmine in 40 min and thought I would go grocery shopping first.

Oh well I can do the window fix tomorrow. .

One thing I saw today during my travels was the Tundra Swans flying over. (No pictures from today…)sugar bush and swans 031 Loud birds… They are heading NNW to their breeding grounds. This is a sure sign of spring. Unlike yesterdays 3” of snow to start the day off. Today was a beautiful 8C with sun. Yes the sun came out! I even put sun block on. (I do use it all year as I’m bald and burn easily.) Today’s sun you could feel. That nice warmth that denotes spring is here. Love it.

Tomorrow is looking like 14C and a chance of rain in the afternoon. I’ll fix the car while I’m at the shop and when I get home I’ll get the hose out and attach it to the house for the summer. (Things look good for the next few weeks. Only going to -2C at the lowest.) The hose will take about -6C without bursting.

I want to get the hose out to wash down the inside of the boat that’s in the driveway. It’s got a bunch of fiberglass dust in it that I don’t want to breath in. I’ll suck the water out with a shop vac once I’m done washing.


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