It’s all about the apps.

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I’m virus free! So is my laptop. I just set the computer back to an earlier date. One before I downloaded the ZIP7 file that gave me so much trouble. I have to go and make a copy of what I have in my installed programs file so I have something to compare to next time. I use a program called Skitch to take screen shots. It’s great for taking what you want and not the whole screen. That’s how I get photos of things like Ned the cat.Ned and Carlos It can save things right to EverNote too. Very handy to have on the phone as well.

I haven’t flashed the tablet yet. I am waiting for a response from a teck guy online before I attempt it. I just want to know if anyone with the same processor as I have has done the switch to android only from Win8. The only files I can find for my tablet are for Win8… I don’t want Win8. I want Android 4.4.4 or 5.

It’s all about the apps. Win. doesn’t have the app capability that Android does. I’m not even sure if there are navigation apps for Win. I know almost every navigation software maker has Android apps.

I think I have the process figured out pretty well. It’s just down to the CPU# now. I have a C6J7 processor. It’s the Win8 one. I have the files for the C6J6 that I want to install. It’s the Android version. I want to know if I have any different parameters that need to be installed manually for my specific processor.

It was a kind of funny day here today. I woke up to about ½” of snow in the ground. When I was out at 8:30 it was pouring rain. Then it went back and forth a few times snow, rain. When I picked up Jasmine from school it was nice and sunny. We explored the back yard after supper.20150329_124339 20150330_173021 Also checked out the moon with her new nokulars.


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