I’ve got a virus and it’s not a cold…

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I’m using Heidi’s laptop to write this…

Mine has an ad virus… PITA. I know I got it from downloading something or other over the last few days. I’ve been going through my installed programs and have removed a few that I know I installed. And 3 others that tagged along for the ride… Sneaky the way they put the date of install as last year so I miss them. I’ve got a few more to remove yet that have the day right and month + year wrong. Those are Microsoft files…. (Even sneakier.)

So now I type on a keyboard that is just a tiny bit different and I make even more mistakes than normal. Normal is a lot for other people.

So I haven’t got to installing Android onto the X98 Air 3G yet… I will as soon as I can figure out how to. I have the instructions but don’t have the knowledge to do everything they say to do. So I need to watch some tutorials on how to root and run things as admin… No rush right now. I want to get my laptop up and running properly again first.

Today Jasmine and I stayed home for the morning while Heidi went to church. (She sings in the quire.) We ate sausages for breakfast and lazed around. It was a nice relaxing morning. We did go for a walk to the park and I did a bit of organizing in the garage too. I’ve stored the new sails and trailer hubs that I got from Chris yesterday at the shop. I did do some reading on the Android forum about what I need to do to make my tablet Android instead of Win8. That’s where I found the step by step instructions on how to do it. I found instructions on Friday too and downloaded a Zip extractor programme to unzip the files. That’s where my problems started…

This afternoon I went to drop off my utility trailer at a job site for Knoal. (Not his real name.) He needs it for construction garbage. After I dropped it off and visited for  a bit I went back to the shop and moved the car and truck. The truck I moved so I can get at the passenger side to re-fiberglass the sill. It didn’t ever kick so I need to do it again. Oh well. I’ll wait for a little nicer day this time. I’ll also use new resin and hardener.

Yesterday before our trip to Kitchener to meet Chris and a bunch of other d=sailors I gave Jasmine a pair of binoculars. She has been calling them nokulars… She also loves them! Most of the way to Kitchiner she was using them and telling us to look over there… She had them out today when we were outside. She was looking for birds nests.

I got to show her how the wild animals do the same thing that we do with tree sap. I saw a squirrel licking sap off a branch and told her that the squirrels are smart enough to drink the sap. It’s sweet and mostly water.

Back to my laptop for some forensic investigation…


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