Strangers no more.

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You know how you’re not supposed to meet strangers that you have met online in person. Well I did that this evening. Took the family along too…

Today started with Jasmine and I going off on a quest for a few things. One thing was the plug for our fridge so the water will work without a filter.  I couldn’t find the place. I have forgotten where I was told that it is. I recall it is on a #’d street. First we tried Third St. No luck. Later we tried First St. Again no luck. There’s only one #’d street left and we didn’t have time to go down it today. We were late getting home for lunch and still had one stop to make. That one stop was to get me new sandals and get avocados. The avocados were for guacamole I said I would bring to the strangers house later in the day. It turned out that we had to make two stops. The first store didn’t have either of what we were after. The 2nd had both. (Giant Tiger.)

I’m gaining a new respect for Giant Tiger. They are getting some good stuff lately. I have gotten sport socks that don’t wear out after 1 month of wear and comfortable undies. Not to mention the pre-cooked hamburgers,(Very handy for Jasmine and I when we want burgers right away. Tasty too.) Birkenstock knock off sandals and ripe avocados. I have yet to find a store in the city that has perfectly ripe avocados. Giant Tiger did today! I got 2 bags of 5. Most stores have avocados that are as hard a rocks. Nowhere near ripe. (Avocados only ripen once picked… )

I made guacamole with 7 of them today. I quite like guacamole. As does the rest of the family.

We did some other errands when were out too. Things like wash the car and get gas. We also went to Trails End. It’s kind of a farmers market. (Very few real farmers…) Most of the vendors just go the the Toronto food warehouse on Friday and bring the produce to London to sell it at the “Market” on Saturday. I know it’s a sham but we go anyways. I think it’s mostly to see the live chicken, pigeon. bunny auction.

We took the guacamole to Kitchener Ont. to go to visit someone I have met online in the sailing forums. His name is Chris. He isn’t an axe murderer. He is one of the more knowledgeable contributors to most of the sailing forums that I participate in.

Chris posted on one of the forums that he had a set of sails for sale and I contacted him about them. I told him I would take them but that I also didn’t have time to drive to Kitchener (1.25hr one way.) and get them right away. So we planned to meet next time he was coming toward London Or when I was going toward Kitchener.

Well Chris had a party this afternoon and invited my family and I. So we went to Kitchener via the back roads. You know their the back roads when you go through little towns like Kintore and Punkeydoodles Corners. Traffic was light.

We had a great time at Chris’s place visiting and meeting other strangers that sail. We talked about boats and all kinds of stuff. Jasmine played with Kiera, Chris’s youngest daughter.

It’s nice to get out at the end of the winter and get together with a bunch of other sailors and talk about things.

I hope to meet these strangers again soon. Hopefully on the water while cruising in our respective sailboats.


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