New F150 roof rack and OP system.

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Well I wish I hadn’t went and ordered the wrong tablet… It would save a bunch of playing around and hoping that the files I have downloaded will work with my model… I’m not sure they will… I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I’m not sure that I will install the dual boot just yet. I think I will just install the Android 4.4.4 OP system. That way I will have lots of room on the hard drive for navigation apps and digital charts. Those are more important than Win8.

I don’t want to confuse the customers with the dual boot thing either. If they went into Win8 they wouldn’t be able to access the nav apps… You have to use Android to do that. Also to get to Android you have to turn it off and turn it back on while holding the + volume button. I’m sure they can follow instructions but I want things to just be easy. Just turn it on and select the nav app you want and go type easy.

I have yet to find a how to video on how to get rid of Win8 and install Android 4.4.4. I have found ones showing how to instal dual boot and both OP systems. I’m not sure that helps me or not… I have found the instructions on how to do it on a Android forum. Also the files that work for  a model that is very close to my model. But not one for my particular model…

I’ll have to join the forum and ask some questions later tonight. I think that I can just use the files for the other model… At least I hope I can. Since the tablet is made in China everything is in Chinese… Of course. Well my buddy Google translate is pretty good with most languages… It isn’t so good with this…

[Teclast/台电]台电 X98 Air 3G双系统 WIFI 64GB WIN8平板电脑9.7英寸通话平板(每个ID限购5件)

包邮 退货赔运费 前200台好评返现

  • 台电双系统 正版Win8+安卓4.4 双系统随意切换 内置office办公软件
  • 3G通话上网 WCDMA/GSM,64GB超大存储,蓝牙+HDMI+GPS
  • 9.7英寸Air屏 视网膜屏,2048×1536分辨率,办公游戏随心所欲

Translates to:

[Teclast / Taipower ] Taipower X98 Air 3G dual system WIFI 64GB WIN8 call tablet tablet 9.7 inches ( each ID restriction of 5 )
Return shipping freight to pay 200 former praise cashback

   Taipower dual system of genuine Win8 + Andrews 4.4 pairs of random switching system built- office software
   3G phone Internet WCDMA / GSM, 64GB large storage , Bluetooth + HDMI + GPS
   Air screen 9.7 inches retina screen , 2048×1536 resolution, office arbitrary game

It got the operating system name wrong! Andrews…?

Wish me luck.

I was over at the shop today and did a little playing around with the truck. I wanted to see how much I needed to cut off the roof rack and check placement of it on the roof.

I did end up cutting it shorter today. 15” shorter. It fits perfect!20150327_153051 20150327_153122 20150327_153109 It sits just outside the deep grooves that run down the roof. (They must use something close to the same roof die for the Explorer as it has the grooves but also has rubber pieces in them for luggage.) I don’t foresee using my roof rack for luggage. Especially not sitting things on the roof of the cab instead of on the rack…

Now I need to remove the headliner from inside the cab and drill some holes. I will use butyl tape to waterproof the bolt holes just like I would on one of the boats. It should be a pretty simple installation. Assuming I can get the headliner in and out in one piece. I think that will be the hardest parts.

I showed the SAAB again today to some guy. I’m not sure he is interested. Oh well. The right person will come along sometime.


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