Summer holiday sailing.

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It looks like people are planning their summer. I’ve been getting calls about the charter. The latest was from Ohio. I’m told that the kids get out of school earlier in the USA than here. So I will have to get the boats up there a bit earlier than planned. It may mean 2 trips up and back.

My plan was to hire a buddy to tow one boat up when I go up so if there are any towing problems I can be there to fix them. That saves me 2 long days of travel and set up.

I’ve been thinking about the week I want to go up for a vacation. I don’t have the week set in stone yet but I was planning to go up for the trailer sailors cruise week. It looks like a fun time with a fun bunch of people. But I got thinking that maybe I should let someone else use that week. I have the other MacGregor 26D sailboat that may be ready or ready enough for me to use. Failing it being ship shape. I could always take the Siren 17. That would be a little small but still fun. I know there will be other people in Siren 17’s for that cruise too.

The Siren is set up for cruising… From the factory mine came with a built in pump out head and cooler. There is also a space made for a Coleman stove. (The old green ones that you have to pump up.) I have one that we take camping. We love it. It’s been with me for over 20 years…

I didn’t get the programs downloaded for the tablet yet. I may try tonight if I find time. I figure it will take me over an hour to get it set up properly. If not properly at least the way I want it. I have to have it ready for Saturday. We are going to a party at a friends place and I told him I would bring it to show him. I want to have the navigation programs on it for that. The quicker I get them installed the better. I will need to do a few video tutorials on how to use each program for our customers. I will have those stored on the tablet so they can watch them on the boat. I will also have a YouTube link that I will email them in advance so they can go over it in advance of arriving.

Speaking of YouTube. I will be starting a daily Vlog next month. The videos I will be posting on my site. I’ll make the Vlog public as soon as I get it up and running.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to show the SAAB. The person that contacted me seems to know something about SAAB’s so Hopefully they are a good fit for the car. Everyone previously hasn’t quite been right for it. Sounds odd saying I want the buyer to be the right fit. But it’s true. I don’t want to sell it to someone that knows nothing about SAAB’s to find out that something small went wrong with it and they took it to the dealership… It’s easy to spend more than what I’m asking for the car at the dealership. I’m hoping for someone that has some mechanical knowledge and that will fix any problems themselves. Their not hard cars to fix. Just intimidating cars to fix… I would have been lost with out the online SAAB community.

I am working on some new Kijiji ads for the charter. Most of my ads (11) were removed by Kijiji in the last few days for violating the rules… Oops. I didn’t know I was breaking the rules.

I guess I have to advertise only in London… (It’s the closest city.) I also can’t use duplicate ads or photos with a website address on it in different categories. Who knew…?

I’m going to take another look at advertising on craigsList.

Tell your friends too!

Remember the free charter… Enter your email on the top of my web page.


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