I can read! If only I could spell…

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I got my Teclast X98 Air 3G put into English. Yea! I find what ever type of Chinese writing that was very hard to read. Probably because I can’t read it… I used a YouTube tutorial to do it. Just watched it once and then followed through pausing and rewinding where I needed to.

Next I need to flash the Android dual boot on to the tablet. That is a surprise… I thought I ordered a dual boot tablet… I was wrong. I ordered the least expensive one that I could and didn’t notice that it came with Win 8 only. (Same tablet. Just only with Win 8 installed.) Oh well the experience of flashing it will gain me some knowledge.

I found a YouTube tutorial on how to do that too. They even have a link to download updated drivers and things for the process. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLjayeQJg4Q I plan to download the things I need to install on the tablet tonight so I can put them on tomorrow.

I do need one piece of equipment to do the flashing. I need a USB hub. That is something I don’t have. I went out after I picked Jasmine up from school to look for one. I only checked the stores close to where I needed to go to for dinner. They included the dollar store, Giant Tiger and Walmart because they are all beside each other. I only needed hamburger buns for dinner and I know Giant Tiger and Walmart sell those. None had the hub though. I’ll get one tomorrow when I’m in the south end of the city.

I need to get a part for our new fridge tomorrow too. I need the plug for the water filter to make the water and ice maker work. I am not going to get a filter. No need as we live in a first world city with some of  the best drinking water controls in the world. (I’m not a bottled water guy… I use the tap to fill reusable bottles.)

It rained here almost all day today. That helps get rid of the snow and ice! I am looking forward to seeing the lake thawed instead of frozen. I’m itching to get out on the water.

Next week is looking to be above 0C for most of the week so I will get out into the boat and get to work on the wiring that I need to do. I’m replacing it all so I have a bit of work ahead of me.

I’ll post the final wiring diagram when I finish the job. No sense doing it now as it can and probably will change as I work on it.


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