My Teclast X98 Air 3G is here!

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My Teclast X98 AIR 3G tablet came in the mail today!20150323_164001 20150323_164042 20150323_164016 20150323_164049 I’m happy that it finally got out of Toronto. It sat there for 5 days waiting to be processed by customs. They must be busy.

I haven’t played with it yet other than turning it on and booting it up twice. I have it charging right now to top up the battery before I really get to it. I expect to get to it tomorrow.

There are a few things I have to do to it. The first it get it switched to English from the Chinese that it is in now. That’s not such a big deal. Even for a guy that has no idea how to read anything in Chinese… There are tutorials on YouTube for how to do it. (I love YouTube for showing how to do just about anything.)

I’ll go over a few how to videos tonight about the tablet and get to changing things tomorrow after a recap. I just don’t want to brick it. That’s why the review and recap. There is a way to partition the hard drive on it and I don’t want to mess it up. The windows half of the HD comes almost full so I want to get rid of all the Chinese stuff that is filling it and just have what is needed to operate smoothly in Win8. (Really who is going to want to use Win8 while cruising the North Channel…? Not me. I’m fine with the Android system. Win8 is just a bonus that came installed on this tablet.) The navigation apps will be installed on the Android side anyway. I use Google Docs for my word processing and Google Drive for everything else. It’s cloud based so it’s always there whenever I want. My S3 can even be used to do everything in Google Drive… Spreadsheets, Presentations… etc. It’s just small compared to anything else.

I’m going to start figuring out what navigation apps I want to put on the Teclast and get those lined up to install. When I buy them in the Google Play store they will automatically download to my phone and the tablet. That’s handy.

I didn’t get to do anything to the boat today. Nor even get to the garage and start organizing. It’s got cold here again and Heidi had to go out so I had a tough time to convince Jasmine to come hang out in the cold garage with me. I thought she was tougher than that…

The next few days look like they will be much warmer so I will get out as much as I can.

When I was at the shop today to pick up the tablet I remembered that I need to look at the lock on the back cover of the truck. My truck key doesn’t fit the lock.20150323_162335 So I will have to check for a solution for that. I do not want another key on my ring just for the back. I want the one key that opens the doors and starts it to open the back too. I’ll figure something out.


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