Tardis, Leopard print rubber boots, Sailboat in my driveway.

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I can’t believe I forgot about this…20150321_145411 We came across the Tardis yesterday while driving to Port Bruce. Yes the real Dr. Who Tardis! Just sitting on someones lawn! I didn’t see the Dr. hanging about but I’m sure he wasn’t far.

I have a boat in my driveway now.20150322_114302 It’s about time. I have been waiting all winter to get to work on it again. Now I just need some warmer weather.

I went this morning with my buddy Geoff and we got it. There were no problems getting it. There could have been one that I didn’t expect. The block that the tongue of the trailer was sitting on was frozen down. If the axle was any lower I would have had to come back with a sledgehammer to move the block. It turned out that the axle was 1” higher than the block.

The boat towed nicely on our trip back to London from the storage place.

I took a quick look at the other boats while we were there and they all have fared well over the winter. No squatters to be seen (Critter nests.) and the lights worked. Sometimes the critters like to chew on the wires over the long winters. I guess they just get bored and want something different to chew on.

I parked the boat in my driveway so I can have easy access to it from home. I could do work out at the storage place but I don’t want to drive 20 min to get there each time.

I have a list that I have to go over of things to do for this boat on my laptop. I will have to consolidate some of the things that I have picked up for it as well this week. That will involve getting the garage organized better. I have a bunch of tools to put back in their proper places.

After Lunch we dropped Heidi off at school so she could get the classroom ready for tomorrows first day back from spring break. Jasmine and I went off to the lake to see what the ice was like their. I was hoping that their would be less than their was. It’s still covered.20150322_143129 The water is up about 8’ from a week and a half ago when Jasmine and I were out exploring the bottom of the lake. It rises quite quickly sometimes. (Twice last summer my dock went over it’s posts!) It’s just above normal summer height right now. They are letting a lot of water out into the river so it is high. It’s not overflowing the banks though. They are pretty good at controlling it.

After supper I took Jasmine out and got her a new pair of rubber boots. Leopard print ones! She loves them. I don’t think Heidi was expecting the Leopard print. I like it.


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