Shiny rocks.

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Today is the first day of spring! Snow shovels should be put away and the outboards tuned up!

I’m off to visit the boats in storage tomorrow. I’m tricking my family to go with me. Kind of anyway.

We are going to a sugar bush for pancakes in the morning. We will do the regular sugar bush stuff… See how the liquid gold is sucked out of the trees. (Yes it is sucked out! In new tapping operations anyway. It’s not in the old fashioned way of using buckets.) I’m sure they will be a hay wagon ride and horse petting. (No Jasmine can’t have a horse.)

After the sugar high wears off we are planning to go to Alymer Ont. to see the migrating tundra swans. (Here is the sneaky part.) On the way to Alymer I will go by the storage place that I have my boats at. It’s on the way so why not. I’m going to bring along a shovel just in case I need to remove any snow off them. I also want to make sure I can get to them to bring them home. I know that where they are parked their is a fairly busy driveway. I’m hoping that the snow hasn’t been plowed toward the boats. If so that means a snowbank to contend with. I really don’t want to shovel anymore snow.

We go to Alymer every spring and some falls to see the tundra swans. They are really big birds! It makes you wonder how they can fly so far and why they would do it twice a year. They go from the arctic to Florida. A bit of a hike!

Jasmine had another two friends over today for a play date. (That’s 5 in 2 days.) They had a great time. It’s hard not to with all the craft stuff we have and with my wife and her arts training background. (I’m a trained artist as well.) So between the two of us we can come up with some pretty amazing stuff to do.

One of the things they have been doing is playing outside. Really! They go outside and play! Yea! Real kids playing outside! Yesterday and today they have been collecting crystals from the gravel driveway and washing them off in the bathroom sink. They make a bit of a mess but now as bad as the mess Heidi says I make when I wash my hands. At the rate of crystals that disappear from the driveway it is looking like we will need a load of gravel in early summer. Those girls really like shiny rocks.


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