Truck keyed.

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Another day of snow slowly disappearing. I like this time of year. It means that summer is coming. My beautiful wife Heidi likes the fall… I don’t know why. Sure it’s pretty to see the different color on the trees but that only lasts a few weeks… It brings on looming cold and freezing temperatures. I’m a summer lover. I like it hot. The hotter the better. You can always cool down easily. Go for a swim. Go to the library or the mall. Sit in the shade… It’s easy.

I was at the shop today to check to see if the keys I had cut fit the truck. They didn’t. (Yes even Ebay sellers make mistakes in their compatibility charts.) This seller did. The keys fit in the doors fine. They won’t go in the ignition… So I did some fixing.

First I took the transponder chip out of the only key I have for the truck.20150319_152845 I then took apart the steering column and installed the chip permanently so the truck thinks there’s a chip key in the ignition when I turn the key. So the new keys I got that don’t have transponder chips will work. I don’t have to worry about anyone stealing it as they would need an old fashion key cut properly. A new one with a transponder chip won’t work now… The truck won’t start if it reads two transponders.

I took the ignition out of the truck and took it home to work on. (I broke the blade in my band saw a while back and haven’t changed it at the shop and the jigsaw that is their is missing the blade attachment… Hmm.) The new keys are too thick to fit into the cup that surrounds the key on the ignition cylinder. My solution to this problem was to cut the cup off the cylinder with my other jigsaw. I then sanded the new ignition face smooth and painted it black.20150319_165415 20150319_165917

I installed the guts from the 2 fobs I picked up last week. The new keys work flawlessly! They open the doors, tailgate and start it like they were made to. Well they were.

I cut the cylinder and painted it just before supper and went back to the shop after supper to install everything. While I was there I picked up the piece of trim I got on Sunday for the drivers door. I will paint it black to match the truck on the next warm day. I also took the Ford Logo off the old grill and am going to paint that black as well. While I’m at that I may as well do the fender logos as well. I want it all black. No shiny silver stuff.

I need to do some measuring for vinyl stickers. I will put North Channel Charters on the back window and possibly the sides. It’s like a big black canvas to get creative with. I like that.

I just checked the site where I ordered my Teclast Android tablet from and looked at the shipping situation. It is in Canada! Mississauga Ontario. So another day or so and I will be able to begin testing to see if it will be adequate for the charter boats. I think it will meet my expectations and probably exceed them. I hope anyway. If I judge from the reviews I have been reading it will.


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