Light fix and new keys.

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More snow has been leaving daily here. It was a high of +1 today with a lot of wind. The wind is helping get rid of the snow more today than the + temperature. I’m fine with that. The more snow that sublimates the better for my basement. I don’t need any water down their.

I changed the grade of our driveway last fall. I think that has made a big difference. We haven’t had any water yet… I haven’t had water in the garage either. I didn’t change the grade but I put in a hidden drain right where the eaves trough empties. I made it a Y shape to help get the water from the front of the garage away too. It’s working well.

After supper I went over to the shop to show the SAAB to a prospective buyer. She was late getting their so I did a little work on the DRL lights. I made a modification to the light sensor that turns the lights on when it gets dark.20150318_153551 20150318_153555 I made it think it is dark all the time! I opened the sensor up and took the circuit board out and covered the light sensor with a piece of black electrical tape. Now the lights come on when you start the truck if the switch is in the auto position. I’m going to leave it in the auto position for the safety test.20150318_153603 20150318_153635

I received the keys I ordered in the mail today. I need to have them cut so they will start the truck. I’m going to do a little modification to the anti theft system that will allow me to use these new un-chipped keys. I plan to do that tomorrow. I have found a loophole in the anti theft system that will let me use un-chipped keys. (Go to YouTube and look for the modification.) I don’t think it prudent to publish exactly which thing I am doing. There are a number of ways to “fix” the problem. We will have 3 keys that work when I’m done.

The new keys are kind of different than the old ones. They have the fob built in so you don’t need the extra thing on your key chain.20150318_174717 I really don’t like big key chains. They are just too unmanageable. The key chain I have now is on that edge of marriageability…

I’m going to take the snow blower back to the shop for the summer in the next few days so I can have some more room in the garage to work on sailboat related stuff. I’m looking forward to that!


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