Farewell good moose. We will miss you.

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Heidi made it back today. That was around 3pm though.

In the morning Jasmine and I cleaned up a little and went to mail off Moosey. Moosey is the Saabworld.com mascot. He has been playing with us for over a year. He showed up in a shoebox and that is how he left today. We took a few pictures of him and a few friends before he got in the box.20150314_124119 We sent him off from the local postal outlet at the Shoppers Drug Mart that is close to home. Only $18 to send him small packet air to Scotland! I was expecting around $40 to ship him.

After we set him off on his next adventure we went out to Fanshawe Conservation area to go for a walk. It was windy and colder than it has been all last week. Also damper. It rained in the night. Not a lot but enough to make it foggy and damp in the AM.

We noticed that the lake is down even further than when we were there on Wednesday. It looked to be down 8’ or more now.20150314_130826 There was no water going through the dam either. They must have given the river a bit of a flush to get the levels down for the expected snow melt from upstream. I hope anyway. Last summer they had one of the gates get stuck open and the lake dropped about 1.5M in 24 hours. I think their was a log stuck under one of the gates.

The dam lets water out from the bottom of the gate. Not the top like some dams. It also has a small Hydro Power generator beside the dam that is kept running constantly. I bet it pays for a lot of the conservation area. I think I recall it makes enough power to power 400 homes.

We took a few pictures and set off for downtown. We did make one stop along the way. We stopped at a fishing outfitters so I could get my fishing license. I won (Jasmine actually guessed the # but was too young to enter.) a guess the # of fishing bobbers in the tub contest. There were 438. Jasmine guessed 437 and some other guy guessed 439. We ended up splitting the $100 prize. So Last year I got a fishing license and took her fishing. Same deal this year. It should be a lot more fun now that she can focus on one task for any length of time. We commonly watch the fish that live under our boat when we go out to the yacht club. We won’t catch those ones. We will go after the ones under other boats…

Before we left the fishing store my friend Geoff called me and asked if I could talk him through a computer problem. He was at a coffee shop downtown. So we went to see him and I fixed him up. we ended up staying there until Heidi got into town on the train.

When she got in we just went home played games, made and ate supper. We played more after supper until Jasmines bedtime… The one she isn’t used to anymore… She had a tough time falling asleep at 8pm. She will get back to her old schedule soon enough.

I went out with another friend tonight for coffee and to catch up.

Tomorrow I am off to the junk yard again. This time to return the light control thing and get a few other things. The light thing is broken…20150314_114447 I didn’t notice before today. It is also the wrong thing. SO I will get the right thing and a few other parts. I want to get a speedometer with KM/H on it. The one I have is in M/H. I don’t want Heidi going 50 in a 50… Not good when 50m/h= 80km/h. I also need a drivers door window shade/ vent.


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