Expolring the lake bottom, Yacht Club Dinner.

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What a fun day we had today. Haven’t even started cutting material for the cat puppet yet. Since it is daddy daughter spring break we think it appropriate to sleep in every morning. It seems that way anyway. Today I got up first at 10:20. I woke the little girl soon after.

After breakfast we planned the day. I made some breaded chicken legs ready to go into the oven when we wanted chicken. (My own special shake type bake thing. Bread crumbs with Romano cheese and the Jamaican roasted garlic spice we like.) Just bread them throw them on a lined baking tray, cover and toss in the fridge for later.

We went out to the lake today and walked around. It’s encouraging to see the ice in such bad condition. Spring is coming. The Fanshawe lake level is controlled by the Upper Thames Conservation Authority. The lake is a catch basin to stop London from flooding. When we were out there today the ice had fallen at least 6’ from the normal water height. It is way down! When you drop the level 6’ in a lake that is 12’ that is a lot of water.Fanshawe March 2015 008 Fanshawe March 2015 012 I hope that you can tell from the photos. I think they are expecting a lot of runoff from upstream this spring. Or the dam is broken. (I didn’t get to ask Rick from the UTCA and the yacht club as he missed the yacht club dinner.)

We had a blast out their today. We checked out the bottom of the lake where the springs had eroded the ice and snow.20150311_141618 20150311_141623 20150311_141701 We walked around on the plowed roads looking for pretty stones.Fanshawe March 2015 021I taught Jasmine how to use the camera on the tripod…20150311_144133Fanshawe March 2015 025 Fanshawe March 2015 009Kind of anyway. Searched and found sticks that Jasmine can make into knitting needles.Fanshawe March 2015 018 Fanshawe March 2015 031 (She is so into knitting. The whole idea of sharpening the end of two sticks so she can use them to knit has her going.) We looked for critters. Only saw a couple squirrels and they were at the dumpster… We did see a few different birds but only heard ducks. I couldn’t find them…

We had dinner out tonight with the yacht club members.20150311_191741 20150311_190151 It was a good time as always. After dinner we went by the shop to check out the fiberglass job I did yesterday. It still hasn’t kicked! It’s all still in place. Just not really hard… I think I will just leave it for now as I don’t want to put the time into it right now. I’ve got a sailing charter company to get ready for spring. The fiberglass will eventually kick. It may need a bit more warmth outside to do it. Or it will just do it naturally.

Tomorrow I am taking Jasmine to a junkyard to get a few SAAB parts. I’m going to bring a bunch of tools and see if I can get a bunch of stuff. The car I am selling needs a few things to safety. If I can pick them up tomorrow I will get them and get ready to put them on the car once a bit more snow melts. If I do that it will raise the price of the car and sell it certified and etested. Much easier to sell a car that is road ready than one that isn’t quite.


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