Spring Break! Let’s shovel…

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Mom is gone and it’s daddy daughter spring break!

We started the day off early by dropping Heidi off at the train station to go to Toronto for her Waldorf teacher training. We went out for breakfast right after that. I had steak and eggs and Jasmine had a cheese omelet and sausage.

After our nutritious breakfast we went to Princess Auto to get an adapter for Jasmines camera. Heidi has hidden or donated the one I had to some charity… (I’m going to have to get a label maker so I can label things… DO NOT THROW OUT!…) I picked up a adapter but it was the wrong one… At least I have an extra now. I’ll have to hide it in the garage before the weekend when Heidi returns. (I’ve gone to Goodwill to buy back my favorite sweater once… She said I hadn’t worn it lately. It was the start of fall…)

On our way home from Princess Auto we went by the shop so I could get the tire size off the truck. (LT 285-70-17) Big! I may need to replace one tire to get it to safety. When we got home we searched for a puppet template online and found one that we can print off. It was on a link on one YouTube video we saw. I won’t print it off I’ll just work freehand from it and make my own templates on an old cardboard box.

Tomorrow morning we are making the templates and start cutting and gluing the foam. I will get Jasmine to cut out the fir as well. I will sew the fir together with the sewing machine while she does some of the hand sewing that is required for the arms and ears. (Still haven’t figured out the ears yet…) I will get her to make a bow for it as well. We should get a lot of it done tomorrow morning.

Around 11 my mom called and asked me to come out and shovel the snow off the roof of her trailer. (She lives in a trailer in the woods.) So off we went a with shovel in the back of the SAAB.

We had lunch with her when we got there.

Her roof was leaking. That’s why she wanted me to shovel it off. I know exactly why the roof was leaking. It was installed wrong. Her trailer has a low pitch shingle roof and an add on porch/ deck cover that meets just below the drip edge. (Not a smart setup.) Well the snow has built up on the roof and the deck cover to be about 2’ deep.20150308_142512 20150308_142532

I went over to one of her neighbors and borrowed his extension ladder and went up and cleared off the area of the trailer roof that met the deck cover. I went about 8’ further on each side. I only cleared about 4’ up from the drip edge of the roof off. That’s where the ice dam is. The snow was insulating the roof and allowing the heat that escapes naturally because of the poor design to melt the ice and that water couldn’t run down to the drip edge as it met a cold area where ice had stayed. This forces the water to move up under the shingles until it can find a way out. This is usually at the top of a shingle. It will slip under it and soak through the wood that makes up the roof. Then it goes into the inside.  I would be surprised it mom’s trailer has any felt paper. Judging from where the leak is. Right at the wall. I would say it doesn’t.

(This can be avoided by applying a membrane type of product before the shingles are installed. Ontario code requires 3’ of felt paper to be used from the eaves. {Not enough!} I use a product called Ice and Water Guard. It is a kind of rubbery sheet roll that sticks to the wood sheeting and seals around each nail that holds the shingles down because of it’s rubber like design. I use 2 3’ strips to get a total of 6’ of protection.)

It didn’t take me long to shovel off the spot anyway. I took the snow down to the shingles and ice on the trailer part. On the deck cover I only took off about a foot but down to the 6” block of ice that runs the length of it. I’m sure that will fix her leak. Just letting the roof get cold enough from the outside temperature and allowing the snow/ ice to sublimate (Evaporate) into the air will make a huge difference.

I have to re-shingle the roof of the garage this spring and I will be using Ice and Water Guard for the entire roof. The reason for that is I don’t have insulation in the garage. So any heat I make in their gets transferred directly to the roof and could allow for ice damming and leaks. I will be putting roof vents in the garage roof to help keep the temperature down in the summer and If I heat it in the winter I will plug the vents with Styrofoam just for the winter. I won’t be heating it for any constant length of time but I don’t want to waste the energy to warm it enough to work in.

Tomorrow we are working on the cat puppet and when it warms up a bit we will go to the shop and get the other boat cushions so I can copy them. I also want to put the battery back in the SAAB because I have a guy interested in viewing it on Wed. I want to make sure it will start… I’ll get the measurements of the hole I need to patch on the truck too. I may sand and prep the spot for fiberglass so I can just pop over and slap a patch on quickly when the temp is up at 7C on Wed too.


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