Foxy boots art show.

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This morning Jasmine and I went out and got me new boots. Blundstone boots. They are a leather pull on type boot. I moisturized them and waterproofed them this afternoon. I really like them! Heidi received a pair in the mail from her parents for her birthday. I took a liking to them and got my own. I was looking for a new pair of spring and fall boots. In the past I have worn my work boots and that was fine. But I wanted something a little nicer. I originally thought of getting a pair of Chukka boots but Heidi thought they were too sophisticated. (There boots…?) I guess she sees me as a more rugged type of guy… Hmm.

I did some testing with the new microphone that came in the mail last week. I got it for Vlogging and Podcasting. (A little project that will start this summer on my site.) The microphone works great and so does the Audacity software I have. Audacity is just the audio software. I am going to use something else for the video stuff. I haven’t figured that out yet. There seems to be a problem with one of the video card drivers on my laptop… I have to figure that out first. (I will take it to my computer fixing guy if just downloading the original drivers again doesn’t work.)

Tonight we went to an art opening for my friend Michael Durham’s art. The show is in St Thomas Ont. about 20 minutes south of London. Jasmine got all dressed up in her white sailor girl dress. Heidi had braided her hair yesterday so she had what she calls crinks in her hair. She was so cute and a lot of people told me how beautiful she was and that they could tell where she got her looks from. (I think they meant from Heidi…)

I bought our new camera along and let Jasmine take pictures of the people and the art.Micks art show 002 Micks art show 004 Micks art show 010 I asked the staff if it was OK first. Some museums they don’t let you take pictures because of copyright and other reasons. So many flashes can harm a painting just like UV from the sun.  (That’s why the Mona Liza is behind UV protective glass. You couldn’t get a good picture of that painting if you tried because of how they have it lit. They have the lighting set so that at every angle there is a glare in front of part of the painting. That’s a copyright thing…)

We had a good time at the show and I got to chat with a bunch of people that I hadn’t seen in years. 2 of my old professors from college were their and one of Heidie’s teachers from high school was as well. (One of my old teachers was the artist… Mick.) It was great to catch up with everyone. Jasmine had a great time taking pictures with our new camera.Micks art show 013 Micks art show 025 Micks art show 021 Micks art show 022 She told us on the way home that someone even told her she should be a photographer when she grows up. She told them she wants to be an entrepreneur. (She’ll figure it out someday.)

I went through the pictures on the laptop tonight after she was in bed and found a really great one.Micks art show 033 It’s not part of the show. It was part of someone’s ensemble… It’s a real fox shawl! They had purchased it today and wore it to the show! The people in attendance were eclectic… I did meet 4 sailors out of the bunch. I hope some of them will be racing me on Wednesdays at the Fanshawe Yacht Club this season.

Heidi leaves first thing tomorrow morning and is traveling by train to Toronto. She prefers the train to driving or the bus.


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