A good feeling.

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Jasmine is feeling much better. She has strep. The medication is helping a lot.

She and Heidi stayed home from school again today. They played school though. (That’s what happens when you mom is a teacher…) They even went outside and played at recess! So cute.

I still have my cold. I thought I was over it but I guess I’m not yet. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see. It hasn’t slowed me down at all. There’s the odd sneeze and runny nose along with a sore throat. Nothing major.

It had me thinking about when Jasmine was sick with her cancer. She didn’t have an immune system so she relied on antibiotics to keep her from getting anything. About 3 months after we got home for the first time I got sick. I got strep and couldn’t be around her. So I lived at the shop for the week of treatment. A few months later I got pink eye and was quarantined… At the shop again for a week. There is a 50” TV at the shop… So it wasn’t so bad. I think the worst thing was that Heidi had to do all the work of parenting and nursing. It was tough on her as we were new to the whole chemo treatment deal. The constant trips to the hospital for treatment and blood work was a chore. Jasmine was almost 3 at the time so Heidi had to pack a stroller and everything she needed for the day. When we went in for an 8 am appointment there was no set finish time. No in and out. We had to stay until we were told we could leave. Some days it was 7 pm! That made for a long day in clinic.

When I could go I took over taking Jasmine to clinic. Heidi really had a hard time seeing all the sick kids. Understandable. It was tough for me sometimes too. You get to know the other family’s and how things are going. It wasn’t always good. We saw a lot of things that keep us grateful that we got to keep Jasmine. We are very lucky.

To see Jasmine sick with strep or a common cold makes me remember the times in hospital and how strong she was through all of her treatment. Now things like what she has now don’t seem so bad… Really. She takes it so well too. She is a tough little girl.

We only have to go to clinic every 6 mo now. She has to give a blood sample for testing. They take it out of her arm where you would expect to give blood from. Now she doesn’t cry. (At least not with me… With mom it’s a different story…)

Both Heidi and I give blood to the Canadian Blood Services. We take Jasmine along for the trip and she hangs out with me mostly. If you have given blood (Please do.) you know the size of needle that they use. A big one! I always let Jasmine hold my hand when I get my poke. Just like I do for her when she gets hers. I also point out the difference in the size of the needle. But I tell her not to worry about the needle size because when she grows up and starts giving blood it will seem a lot smaller.

There’s a full time clown that works at Victoria Hospital.20141201_153048 His name is Ollie. He and I have become good friends during our visits. I always freak him out with some crazy thing I have come across on the internet. Jasmine and all the kids love him. He makes them all laugh. It gives them a little escape from their daily ordeal. It does the same for the parents too.

I think Jasmine has some of the happy memories of being sick in the back of her mind. It sure seems that way when you see how she handles everyday things like colds.

I guess it’s about perspective. She has seen a lot so now normal stuff is easy. That is a huge life lesson that she just gets. That makes me thankful for what we have been through as a family. We have had an opportunity to step back and really look at our lives. It changed our lives for the better.

I charter out sailboats so others can live their dreams. I do this because I know how important it is to live your life now. I want to share the gifts we have been given.

Now I feel better.


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