Daddy Daughter Spring Break!

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I thought I’d post part of the ongoing list I’m working on for next week.

Heidi is off to Toronto for a week of teacher training. That means it’s Daddy Daughter Spring Break! Aside from eating lots of meat I thought it best to make a list of stuff to do. Some stuff I want to accomplish for the charter and other stuff for Jasmine.

List for March break.

  • Have fun with Jasmine!
  • Make cat puppet. (Download template.)
  • Sew cushion covers for 2 boats. (If there’s enough left over make another set.)
  • Go check boats. Bring shovels just in case.
  • Make healthy meal plan for daddy daughter week… Lol!
  • Make lists of supplies needed for each boat. Break down lists. Ie, sailing, motoring, navigation, cooking, etc
  • Patch hole on truck if I get a weather window. (Monday +5C)
  • Diagnose the brake light. Check parking, fluid levels, fuses, wires, bulbs. (See wiring diagram.)
  • Finish wiring diagram for MacGregors. (List things needed.)
  • Write script for cat puppet and make video with Jasmine. (May have to teach Jasmine to read…)
  • Learn how to edit videos on YouTube. Teach Jasmine how so she can do it…
  • Visit Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Day trip. (Poss. bring cat puppet.)
  • Stay up as late as possible. (Jasmine)
  • Take camera and tripod everywhere.

I have a few other ideas for things to do with Jasmine but I want to get some input from her before I add them to the list. That way I can surprise her when we are going through and checking things off. (It says that we have to toboggan now… Type things.)


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