It’s alive!

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My F150 4×4 Super Crew only has 10 more Hp than my SAAB. It was in a snowbank earlier today. I hadn’t moved it for almost 2 years. That extra 10Hp and the 4×4 really give it some power when it comes to moving out of snow!

I went to the shop today with my buddy Chris. First we loaded the fridge onto the trailer to take it to the shop. I had to remove the doors again and it just fit out the porch door. We stopped once to check the straps that I had holding it in to the trailer. I left it standing up. We arrived with no problems or loose straps.

Unlike the porch I had to remove a house door to get it into the shop. First I had to take the old one out. I took the doors off it as well and Chris and I carried it to the street. I put the doors and everything else inside and left it by the curb. (Or where I thought the curb was. It’s hard to tell with all the snow.) (The old fridge disappeared 3 hours later… Just up and walked away…)

We got to work on there truck right after we had the doors on the “new” fridge. I had forgotten that I had put a battery in the truck. It was so dead it didn’t register on the meter. It was bulging at the sides too. Frozen solid… It’s done. I cleaned the terminals and took the battery out of my car and put it in the truck and took the battery out of the other car and put it in my car. (It’s new so I want to keep it.) I have another battery that I will put in the other car as soon as it is charged. It’s in the shed charging now.

I took the electric compressor over to the shop instead of playing around with the gas one.20150301_165049 Who knows how easy it will be to start after sitting for a year and a half… It’s just handy because you can take it anywhere. To get air to the truck tires I had the compressor plugged in just outside the shed and brought an extra 50’ of air hose. It worked perfect.

The tires inflated nicely and all hold air. It took a little while to inflate them as they are big tires.It's alive! 005 It's alive! 001

When I put the battery in the truck I turned the key to on and let it sit for about 5 seconds so it could do it’s diagnostic tests and then turned it to start it. It started in about 2 seconds! It runs great! I let it idle for about 15 min while I cleared more snow off the top. I should have done that before I put air in there tires. It’s 6” taller now! I did get most of it off with exception to the tonneau cover. It has 2-3” in places. I didn’t want to scratch the paint with the shovel.

After the truck was warm I pumped the brakes a few times to check that they would grab and weren’t stuck on. Then I found the 4×4 switch (I had to look for it…) and put it in 4×4 and backed up about 8”. Then I pulled ahead checking the brakes as I did. (Their fine.) Once ahead I popped it into reverse and gave it enough gas to make it jump right out of the snowbank! (Chris told me afterwards that it jumped up and out like a rabbit…) I pulled it out onto the street and turned it around so I could back into about the same parking spot. I left it about 2’ over from war it sat in the snow so I could easily get in and out of the drivers door.It's alive! 004

I saw one thing I had forgotten about when I parked it. There’s a hold I need to fix in the passenger side rocker panel. i will just use some fiberglass and I still have the correct black paint to cover it up. You only see it from underneath so I’m not going to go all out and do what i did to the drivers side.

On the driver side I replaced the whole steel rocker with one I had made up at a sheet metal shop. I welded that in and then used fiberglass to finish the ends. Then a bit of Bondo to finish. It looks like new! I didn’t need to go that far with the repair when I did it. I did though. The passenger side is in much better shape as their is only one 3” hole. I made it with a screwdriver. There wasn’t a hole until I started banging at it. It’s a simple quick job that I can do one day when I have 15 min. (I’ll  go over that when I do it. It really is easy to do and get a good looking job at the end.)

This afternoon I’ve started another batch of Biltong. I put it in the smoker with a low charcoal fire and a few wood chips.It's alive! 031 It's alive! 033 I’ll check it in a few days to see how things are going. I want it to be a little more dry this time around so I may have to leave it about 2 weeks.

Jasmine and I went out grocery shopping today too. We go to two stores that are beside each other. The first I go to is always United Supermarket. It’s a Asian market and it has the best fresh veg and fruit in the city. It also has stuff that would freak some people out… I love it! So does Jasmine.

Today we walked in to find big sticks of sugar cane on sale. Not a little chunk of it but 3.5’ chunks of it for $1.99. Jasmine wanted one because she thought it was pretty… Yea, pretty. So I got her one. (I’ve been meaning to get her one for a while.) I haven’t told her what it really is yet. I told her that it was a cane called cane du sucre. She used it like a walking stick all over the store… She is very curious about her new stick. She likes playing with it.It's alive! 010 It's alive! 018 I my cut an inch off one end tomorrow and let her taste it. I may wait a week to do that too. She is having so much fun with it.

I didn’t get to fixing the door on my shed at the shop. I tried quickly by reinforcing the inner boards with a couple outer boards and 2” screws.It's alive! 008 That didn’t quite do it and the inside is pretty much mush… So since the latch doesn’t catch now I have 2 3” screws holding it closed. You can’t even see the screw heads as they sunk into the door so far… I’ll have to leave it that way until I get another door. I always carry a screwdriver in the car so I can get in anytime.

Another bike has shown up… This time at the shop. Someone has put it between the shed and my neighbors house. It’s a stolen bike I’ll bet. It has a custom paint job done by someone that was trying to hide the original identity of the bike.

I was going to put it at the curb like the fridge. But I asked Chris if he wanted a bike.It's alive! 007 He said he is going to swing by and get it tomorrow. If its still there… It’s not locked. Just hidden. Poorly.


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