It’s getting closer!

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I got a bunch of stuff done today. It’s the last day of the month so I started it with my month end banking. Wee… Oh I saw this snowman while at the bank and had to take a photo.s5 test 041 s5 test 042 Yea… It’s 3 story’s tall…! One ambitious kid lives there!

I went over to the shop to clear some more snow off the truck and car. I got the hood open and the windshield scraped on the truck. It has been facing West so it builds up ice on the cowl. Luckily I didn’t break any of the fins. I checked the oil and other fluids. They’re all fine.

I took some pictures with my new camera of the car and truck. s5 test 028 s5 test 034 s5 test 011I’m liking this new camera!

After the photo shoot and a bit of cleaning stuff out of the car I went to get some methyl hydrate (Gas line de-icer.) and went back and put it in the fuel tank of the truck.

I’m pretty sure that it has a full tank of fuel. There is no battery in it yet so I couldn’t check. I’m just going from memory. I use the methyl hydrate to help evaporate some of the moisture in the tank if their is any. Who knows… I’ll find out tomorrow when I take a battery over and start it.

Tomorrow My buddy Chris is going to give me a hand to move the fridge over from our place to the shop. We also plan to get the truck going and the tires inflated again.

I have a gas powered compressor at the shop but I’m going to bring my other electric compressor just in case. The gas one is faster than the electric and surprisingly quieter.

I picked up a new SD memory card for the camera on my travels around today. I wanted a new one so I have an extra in the case. (The camera came with a case!) I also picked up new batteries for it. It uses AA batteries. That is one of the reasons I got it. No crazy specialized battery to buy. I hate running out of juice and not having an extra battery. AA batteries are very easy to find even in a pinch. Also the memory card. It’s a common SD. I can even shove it into the laptops and get the pictures off it that way.

We went to our friends place for dinner tonight. Aidan and Wendy and there 4 kids place. I’ve known  Aidan since I was 5. We go way back.

It was with Aidan that I took my first “sailing” adventure. We were  about 10 and tried to sail down the creek behind our apartment building in a Samsonite suitcase! Yes a suitcase. It was the plastic type that split exactly in half. So he had one half and I the other. We didn’t make it too far before we were both soaking wet. Just another normal day for us.

At Aidan and Wendy’s we had the urquharts 018  It’s a Swiss the urquharts 037 at the urquharts 042 Google it and try it out sometime. The kids had noodles and sauce. Also a caesar salad. The had a lot of fun playing with the 3 bunnies that live there too. (Jasmine wants a bunny now. I can’t see it.)at the urquharts 044

We all had a nice time getting together and catching up. It’s funny how you get busy when you have a family.

Today I payed for my membership at the yacht club. I almost forgot today is the last day before a late payment penalty. I’m glad they sent me an email reminder. In it it also says that we have our clean up and set up of the club in mid April. Only another month and a half away!

It’s getting closer!


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