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I’ve been getting a bunch of emails from all the sailing and boating parts stores. They all seem to wish spring was here. I do too. Right now they all have sales on for different items. I bet just about anything would be on sale if you asked. (I ask. Most people don’t.)

I was doing some research on digital cameras the last few days. I wanted to get one for podcasting and just general use. I wanted something that is good but inexpensive. We haven’t had much luck with digital cameras. They only seem to last about a year and a half and they are toast. We have 3… 2 toast and Jasmines little point and shoot one that her grandma gave her. It works great! Even with a 7 year old using it.

I found a Canon PowerShot S5 IS Cannon S5 ISon the local Kijiji site and picked it up tonight. (I just got back.) I did a bit of research looking at the “problems” this model has and am happy with the general lack of them. They have the common lens getting stuck problem if you play in the sand with it… (If you play in the sand with a digital camera you may have a problem…) Overall they seem pretty reliable and have 4 1/5 star reviews. YouTube and the different camera forums are great to find out what you want to know. For price comparison I check Ebay and Amazon. For what I paid I got a screaming great deal!

This camera has a video feature that records in real HD. A big plus for me as I plan to make some instructional videos for YouTube. Also some not just for YouTube but for the charter boats. I can load videos on the tablet about how to use the different chart plotter programs and other things like how to anchor. I also will have a welcome message for the charter guests. And some general information about the boat itself. (I really want to remind guests about the dagger  board and how to raise it if they plan to go into shore or through a shallow passage.) The dagger board is the thing that is most likely to be damaged on our boats. I don’t want to have to keep the deposit and have someone replace it.

Tomorrow I plan to do some stuff at the shop. I need to take pictures of the interior of my 04 SAAB to send to someone that is thinking of buying it. They live 2 hours away so the pictures will save them the drive. I’ll take the new camera and do a short video while I’m at it 1298

I put a battery on the charger in my garage for the truck. (It’s battery is in the Siren 17.) I picked up this battery in the summer and thought I’d put it in the Siren but didn’t. It’s newer than the old truck battery so it is best in the truck. I’ve discharged the battery in the Siren a few times and I know it’s on it’s last legs. I do have a small solar panel that charges it but I have no idea how well it does as I haven’t tested it. I figured that putting it on the charger couldn’t hurt.

I ordered a digital manual for the truck last week and it arrived today. I can even upload it to my Drop Box account and have it on any device any time or place I want.  It’s on CD so I can use it with any laptop I want to. That is a very handy feature. I don’t like the old book format with the news print pages that rip if you drop it.


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